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What are coalescing solvents?

What are coalescing solvents?

A coalescent aid is a small amount of solvent contained in latex coatings. It is not a true solvent because it does not actually dissolve the latex resins. The coalescent aid helps the latex resins flow together, aiding in film formation.

What does a coalescing agent do?

Coalescing agents function as temporary plasticizers for the polymer particle and thereby reduce the MFFT. Coalescing agents allow the formation of polymeric films at ambient resp. temperature conditions of film application, even of polymers demonstrating a MFFT of above these temperature conditions.

What is coalescent in paint?

Page Content. Eastman coalescents enable maximum film formation in latex paints, often improving overall paint performance. Coalescent works by softening the latex particles, allowing them to fuse into a tough, continuous film. Common coalescents include ester alcohols, esters, and glycol ethers.

What does texanol do in paint?

Eastman Texanol™ ester alcohol provides the highest level of film integrity at low levels of coalescent, enhancing the performance properties of the paint including low temperature coalescence, touch-up, scrub resistance, washability, color development, thermal flexibility, and resistance to mudcracking.

What is Mfft?

Minimum Film Forming Temperature ( MFFT ) is the lowest temperature at which a latex, emulsion or adhesive will uniformly coalesce when laid on a substrate as a thin film. An accurate MFFT value allows the formulation of products that cure correctly under specified application conditions.

What does it mean coalescence?

to grow together
coalesce \koh-uh-LESS\ verb. 1 : to grow together. 2 a : to unite into a whole : fuse. b : to unite for a common end : join forces. 3 : to arise from the combination of distinct elements.

What is coalescence welding?

Coalescence is fusion of particles. In welding, two (or possibly more) pieces of metal are bonded together by liquefying the places where they are to be bonded, coalescing these liquids, and allowing the coalesced liquid to solidify.

What is texanol Ester?

TEXANOL Ester Alcohol is a slow evaporating, water-insoluble coalescing aid for latex paints. It provides good performance characteristics, such as scrub resistance, color development, and package stability in paints.

What are the chemicals used in producing silk paint?

As earlier mentioned, Auxylox Silk paint a washable rubber paint formulated from accurate combination of Texanol, Titanium, Acrylic and other viable raw materials.

What kind of solvent is used for coalescence?

Coalescence-based film formation takes place mainly with latex polymers, but it also occurs with systems in which the polymer particles are dispersed in an organic solvent. Limitations on the use of organic solvents have made water the predominant carrier solvent for coalescent coating technologies.

Why are coalescing agents used in dispersion paints?

Coalescing agents/ film formers are used in dispersion paints for optimizing the film formation process of the polymeric binder particles. Coalescing agents typically reduce the minimal formation temperature and as a consequence, optimize film coherence and properties such as scrub resistance, mechanical properties as well as appearance.

How is the effectiveness of a coalescing agent determined?

The MFFT reaches a point where the dried film is totally transparent. The film below the MFFT stays milky white, cloudy. In case of application in high PVC-paints (PVC >60), the determination of the effect on wet scrub resistance is a main indicator for determining the efficiency of the coalescing agent.

What is the meaning of the word coalescent?

v.intr. 1. To come or grow together into a single mass: the material that coalesced to form stars. 2. To come together as a recognizable whole or entity: the stories that coalesced as the history of the movement. 3. To come together for a single purpose: The rebel units coalesced into one army to fight the invaders.