The Best Drones for kids for 2020

The Best Drones for kids for 2020

What is common between Superman, Batman, Ironman, and tons of superheroes? Easy, they can fly. Kids have a particular liking for anything that flies. Imagine how happy they will be when they get to pilot a drone. With the impending drone market, you can be sure; there are specific models for kids. The problem lies in evaluating them based on their performance and safety issues. Preferably, drones with straightforward controls and easy-to-fly features are the best. In this article, we have covered some of the best drones for kids.

It is also worth noting; most drone manufacturers have their age limit printed on the box. Generally, drones are best for kids of 14 years old. Do not let kids younger than this age to fiddle with the quadcopters.

For the unaware, when you introduce your kid to the world of drones, not only will it excite them, it will also help them develop their motor and coordination skills. Moreover, drones also address another critical aspect. The trend of kids shying away from outdoor activities will once more flock the open spaces and become active outdoors with the kids drones. So, let us look at the best options you have right now.

UFO Flying Ball Toys

The product is as attractive as it sounds. The LED lights turn on during the night, and the kids love it when it hovers around. It can perform 360 degrees rotation and a couple of speed modes. It flies for 8 minutes, which is pretty good. Kids can control the direction of the drone with their hands. The easy-to-read instruction manual will make it easier for them to understand the operations.

Potensic A30W FPV Drone

As the name suggests, kids can shoot high-quality videos. Additionally, they can stream the videos live. As a parent, you can draw the pattern in which you wish the drone to fly on the app, and the drone will fly likewise. Simultaneously, kids can also control the speed and direction for avoiding collisions. It requires adult supervision, but it will be fun for the kids nevertheless. The best thing, it automatically changes to altitude hold once launched. It remains still until other controls are activated. It also flies for 8 minutes, which is good.

The Best Drones for kids for 2020

Spacekey Mini RC Helicopter Drone for Kids

The easy to assemble drone is very lightweight. It does not require registering with the FAA. Additionally, its small size fits in comfortably in your pocket. The drone features simple controls that make it easy for the kids to grasp. It has a flight time of 8 minutes and a range of 160 feet, and that should make the youngsters happy. The drone is made from durable materials and thus is resistant to crashes. Lastly, the three-speed setting is just right for first-time users.

Atoyscasa FPV RC Drone

If you are looking for a drone for the kids with exceptional flight time, this is the right drone. Furthermore, the drone features the 6-Axis Gyro flying control that makes it stable during flights. It also takes good quality images and videos when it is airborne. With a flight time of 20-25 minutes, you could not have asked for anything better. The app stores the pictures and videos on the mobile app. Go for this drone, your kids will love it.

Drocon Mini RC Drone for Kids

This is a sturdy drone and a perfect gift for your kids. It is capable of performing 3D stunts like rolling backward, forward, and sideways. The propeller guards make it suitable for flying the drone both indoors and outdoors. The three-speed modes work well, and surprisingly it can also operate in moderate wind conditions. Assembling the drone takes less than ten minutes. The flight time is near 5 minutes; you need extra batteries to enjoy more time with it. Nevertheless, just for its incredible stunts, we highly recommend this drone for young people.

Safety tips

Remember, after receiving any one of the above drones, the kids would be desperate to fly them outdoors. As a parent, you must read the instruction manual to understand the safety issues. Also, you should supervise them each time they are flying the UAV. You can read about the Dos and Donts of drones and make sure; the kids adhere to those rules.