Six Website Features which Can Ruin the User-Experience in 2019

Six Website Features which Can Ruin the User-Experience in 2019

Website appearance plays an important role in defining whether your business is going to turn into a success or it will become a total failure. If your website isn’t aesthetically appealing or if it isn’t user-friendly enough, then you need to make sure that you update your website to the modern aesthetic elements quickly. If you won’t take the necessary steps, you will eventually result in deviating the attention of your audience to the other choice.

It is a common observation that nowadays websites feature a lot of flashy visual elements in website design. Great flashy images can end up dazzling the mind of the visitors. Although you might not feel bad about these features, they may still intimidate consumers and can easily navigate them away from the website. Below are some interesting things that you should keep in mind so you don’t end up ruining the user-experience for your customers in 2019.

Autoplay Videos

Autoplay videos can really become a nuisance. Most websites are using autoplay videos as a pop-up which can relatively flash on your homepage design. Brands believe that if they can create a compelling and entertaining video, then there is a better chance that people will engage. However, the result is completely the opposite.

There is no denying the fact that video marketing is a powerful tool; but when organization force feeds videos to customers, they often end up losing the potential ones permanently.

Homepage Background Videos

Just a few years back, many websites including the LinkedIn believed that running an auto-playing video in the background of a website is a great way to attract customers. However, as technology evolved so did the minds of the human. They started seeing things with a completely different perception. As the peripheral demand of the individuals changed, so did the trend of having background videos on the homepage.

Background videos on the homepage have now become distracting. People want to feel personalized and a general video running in the background takes them away from the CTA.

Autostart Audios

When video content and pop-ups have auto-starting audio running in the background, it turns the overall experience into a complete horrible user-experience. Just imagine that you visit a website and your system is integrated with a full Dolby 5.1 surround system and accidentally your speakers are turned on… how would it make you feel if someone starts selling their digital marketing service without your consent?

Similar is the experience with audiences. It’s one of the reasons why 85% of the online videos run without sounds and make use of the subtitles.

Continuous Scrolling

Avoid creating websites which have endless scrolling. It is a feature that is most commonly found on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. When you are working with websites that are product/service based, then never ending websites with a continuous scroll becomes a permanent frustration. This particular strategy might work best for social media websites but they can’t fit in any other form of a website.

Plus, websites with endless scrolling sends the image that the business owner has forcefully submerged all the information on one page and it simply destroys the platform.

Automated Chatbot Messages

There are several applications of chatbots and a whole lot many of them are incredibly useful. However, business owners often forget how they can make the best use of these chatbots. You, as an entrepreneur, might have the impression that having a chatbot integrated at the backend of your website can help visitors intuitively; but in the long run, it may end up frustrating the customer. As a result, your customer becomes unhappy and shift to a better alternative.

Besides, chatbots can become very annoying and can result in cluttering the overall website. As a result, these websites can become painfully robotic and the user may easily end up getting weary of receiving them.

Desktop Favored Design

When you are building a website, try to avoid including a number of pages or too much content on each of your website pages. A leading web design London agency makes sure that the content on your website pages is extremely concise and well placed. The keywords are used in the right manner and are fitting in perfectly and professionally. Most brands have realized that mobile technology has become the norm and hence, the need for a responsive website has become increasingly important.

In case, you are just starting out with a new website, always make sure to ask your developer to create a website which is not biased to desktops only. Instead, they should be primarily responsive.

Concluding Thoughts

When we talk about user-experience within a website, aesthetics play a vital role. A website which has an appealing outlook can do wonders for your business. In fact, a website which is badly designed or unresponsive will become quite short-lived. It may get easily indexed, but it won’t rank high on Google. This is indeed a devastating factor for website designs of the future.