Office essentials you simply can’t do without

Office essentials you simply can’t do without

For most people that are employed, they will spend a considerable amount of time in an office. It is certainly not everyone’s dream to be cooped up in a building all day, in a cubicle of your own with hundreds of other people in close proximity; but for many, that is what working life is all about. But it isn’t all bad, for many lasting friendships are forged, great deals are done, and memories made.

Work is the place that pays your salary, and which translates to food on the table, and it is also the place where you spend the majority of your time during the working week. So, it needs to be bearable and comfortable, and to this end, office managers will go a long way to ensure that the essentials that their people need are available and easy to access. Here are a few of those things that office managers will almost always have on their list of essentials.

Printing solutions

There are certain items that simply cannot be supplied to every person and communal solutions need to be arranged. One of these is printing and copying and almost every office that is networked will have central areas where the scanner, copier, and printing solutions are stationed. Depending on the size and scale of the operation there might be some fancy solutions in place. Think wide format printer or even a 3D solution. There is plenty to consider, and the office manager will need to ensure that there is always paper available and that the machines are properly serviced, but it is probably fair to say that no office can operate effectively without a proper printer solution.


A very important part of any properly kitted out office is the medical and emergency supply kits. From the basics like headache pills and spare female hygiene products to the more important things like an actual first aid kit. An office needs to have these types of things and the office manager is the person whose staff will expect to provide them. It is also worth adding that when it comes to first aid, it is important that there are people in the office who are trained to deliver this, in the event, it


Most office managers strive to keep their staff in the office as much as possible. The more the workers are at work, the more work gets done. That is the theory anyway. To this end, it is important to make sure that there is food and drink available so that staff doesn’t need to go out too often. A good office manager will cater for this in several different ways. This could include vending machine options, subsidised cafeterias and free supply of the essentials. Whatever the available options are, it is well known that for an office to function effectively its occupants need to be fed.

is needed. First Aid can be anything from managing cuts and scratches to doing CPR or knowing what to do in the event of a choking incident, shock or seizures.