Is Val McDermid still writing books?

Is Val McDermid still writing books?

Val McDermid has sold over 17 million books to date across the globe and has been translated into more than 40 languages. 1979, the beginning of a new series for Val, featuring journalist Allie Burns, is published on 19th August 2021.

What age is Val McDermid?

66 years (June 4, 1955)
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What university did Val McDermid go to?

St Hilda’s College
Kirkcaldy High School
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Val was born in Kirkcaldy, a coastal town in the heart of the Scottish mining community. She graduated in English from St Hilda’s College, Oxford – the first from a Scottish state school to do so – before going on to be an award-winning journalist for sixteen years.

Which Val McDermid book is Traces based on?

Traces is a suspense-filled crime thriller based on an original idea by best-selling crime writer Val McDermid (Wire In The Blood, A Place Of Execution), written by Amelia Bullmore (Scott & Bailey, This Life) and set in the world of forensic science in Dundee, Scotland.

Is Traces BBC based on a true story?

Dundee is the star of a brand new crime drama series, Traces, based on an original idea by best-selling crime writer Val McDermid. Marie Monroe (Carly Anderson) was murdered when Emma was seven, her body discovered on Dundee Law and no-one has ever been convicted.

Who is Emma’s dad in Traces?

As Emma re-connects with her dad Drew (John Gordon Sinclair), her childhood friend Skye (Jamie Marie Leary) and Skye’s mum Izzy (Laurie Brett), while falling for the gentle and irresistible Daniel (Martin Compston), her sleuthing takes her into dark corners, unpicking more and more secrets, and it becomes clear that …

Where does Val McDermid come from?

Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom
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Is Val McDermid in Traces?

Martin Compston and Molly Windsor lead the cast of the forensic drama, written by Amelia Bullmore based on an original idea by best-selling crime writer Val McDermid. Traces is a female-led dark crime thriller that originally aired on Alibi in December 2019 – and now it’s getting a prime-time run on the BBC.

Do Daniel and Emma get back together in Traces?

The series ended with Daniel and Emma back together and romantically involved.

Who is the author Val McDermid married to?

Author Val McDermid gets married to long-term partner Jo Sharp. THE crime writer had been dating Glasgow Uni professor Jo Sharp for two years and swapped the alter for a bar stocked with whisky as they exchanged vows on Sunday. Share.

When did Val McDermid get an honorary doctorate?

McDermid was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Sunderland in 2011. She is co-founder of the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival and the Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award, part of the Harrogate International Festivals. In 2016 she captained a team of St Hilda’s alumnæ to win the Christmas University Challenge.

Where does Val McDermid live in Edinburgh UK?

In 2013, Val moved to Edinburgh after living in England for many years. Previously, she shared a home with civil partner, Kelly Smith, in Northumberland, but they split up. She spends three days a week, Monday to Wednesday, in a house she owns in Manchester to be with her teenage son from a previous relationship.

Who are the guests at Val McDermid’s wedding?

Among the guests at the ceremony was First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter Murrell. Also at the service was Harry Potter author JK Rowling, crime writer Mari Hannah and comedian Susan Calman. Following the ceremony, Val tweeted a photo of the pair wearing their rings and described it as a “wonderful, magical” day.