Is there a Fountain of Youth in St Augustine Florida?

Is there a Fountain of Youth in St Augustine Florida?

The Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine is legendary, known as the place where Ponce De Leon discovered the healing waters that magically maintain your youthful appearance. Drink from the magical spring’s waters, plus explore many exhibits and historical attractions at the 15-acre Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park.

Can you get water from the Fountain of Youth?

Visitors can drink from its rumored restorative waters at Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archeological Park in St. Augustine. You can enter the park and take a sip of youth for just $18.

Where is the Fountain of Youth water?

An artesian well in Punta Gorda, Florida, known by some as a “Fountain of Youth” is labeled as unsafe, but locals still bottle its water and drink it every day.

How do I get to the Fountain of Youth?

The Fountain of Youth can be obtained from the Rare Jade Relic during the Guild Expeditions.

Can you see the Fountain of Youth for free?

Kids 5 and younger can enter the attraction for free. All tickets include access to the property’s exhibits and demonstrations, restrooms, cafe and gift shop. Check out Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park’s website to learn more about the attraction’s fees, exhibits and events.

Is the Fountain of Youth St Augustine worth it?

Though some travelers found the attraction to be lackluster and not worth the entrance fee, most said it’s an important archeological site worth checking out. Must-do components of the park include drinking from the Fountain of Youth and watching a cannon firing demonstration.

What happens when you drink from the Fountain of Youth?

Augustine, Florida — where some believe Ponce de León came ashore — is the home of the Fountain of Youth National Archaeological Park. Visitors to the park regularly drink the water that flows from the natural spring located there, but there is no evidence that it has any restorative effects.

How much does it cost to get into the Fountain of Youth?

Fountain of Youth Attraction

Ticket Type Retail Price
Adult $19.95 $17.96
Child6-12 years old. Child under 6 – FREE $9.95 $8.96

Did Christopher Columbus search for the Fountain of Youth?

The name linked most closely to the search for a fountain of youth is 16th-century Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, who allegedly thought it would be found in Florida. In 1493, Ponce de Leon sailed with Christopher Columbus on Columbus’ second voyage to the Americas.

Is Fountain of Youth St Augustine worth it?

Does the Fountain of Youth make you immortal?

The Fountain of Youth, sometimes known as just the Fountain or the Aqua de Vida, was a legendary spring that reputedly restored the youth or granted immortality to anyone who drank from its waters.