Is there a color version of Some Like It Hot?

Is there a color version of Some Like It Hot?

But EW has 10 exclusive color photos from the making of Some Like it Hot to give fans of the classic a glimpse of what might have been.

What is the theme of Some Like It Hot?

Some Like It Hot is so entrenched in its theme, the theme of reversal, that the movie itself keeps changing its costume, beginningor so it seemsas a gangster picture before changing into a musical, then a comedy, then a romance.

What genre is Some Like It Hot?


Why was Some Like It Hot in black and white?

Marilyn Monroe wanted the movie to be shot in color (her contract stipulated that all her films were to be in color), but Billy Wilder convinced her to let it be shot in black and white when costume tests revealed that the makeup that Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon wore gave their faces a green tinge.

What is the last line of Some Like It Hot?

The film’s iconic closing line “Nobody’s perfect” is ranked 78th on The Hollywood Reporter list of Hollywood’s 100 Favorite Movie Lines, but it was never supposed to be in the final cut. Diamond and Wilder put it in the script as a “placeholder” until they could come up with something better, but they never did.

What hotel was used in Some Like It Hot?

Hotel del Coronado

Did Marilyn Monroe stay at the Hotel del Coronado?

Here are 10 facts about Marilyn’s time spent at the world- class resort. Marilyn’s playwright husband Arthur Miller and acting coach Paula Strasberg accompanied her to the hotel for filming in 1958. Coronado police guarded her throughout her stay.

Why is Coronado called the Crown City?

The explorer Sebastian Vizcaino gave Coronado its name and drew its first map in 1602. Coronado is Spanish for “crowned one,” and thus it is nicknamed The Crown City. Its name is derived from the four off-shore islands, Los Guatro Martires Coronados (Spanish for “The Four Crowned Martyrs”).

Is Coronado worth visiting?

Coronado Island is a really nice place to visit if you’re in the San Diego area. The historic places are worth visiting and beaches are amazing. Coronado has great places to eat. Easy to walk around.

Is Coronado Island Expensive?

Coronado in San Diego the Most Expensive Summer Destination in California.

Can you walk around Coronado Island?

Walk along the water’s edge, or keep the sand out of your shoes and use the paved walking path instead. Go Bicycling: Fifteen miles of bike paths along the ocean give you plenty of places to go. Rent a bike downtown on Orange Avenue, at the Hotel Del Coronado or at the Ferry Landing Marketplace.

What can you do on Coronado Island?

Here are seven fun things to do on Coronado Island during summer.Roll through Coronado on a Segway. Coronado Ferry Landing Summer Concerts. Boating. Coronado Skateboard Park. Rent a Surrey. MooTime Creamery. Coronado Heritage Walk.

Is Coronado Island safe?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Coronado is 1 in 64. Based on FBI crime data, Coronado is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to California, Coronado has a crime rate that is higher than 34% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

Do you need a car on Coronado Island?

As we mentioned, beachgoers staying on Coronado Island will be completely content without a vehicle. Visitors looking to venture to neighboring areas will find it beneficial to rent a car. Most likely you don’t need a car for your entire trip.

Is Coronado Beach free?

Unlike other beaches across the country, there are no fees to visit. Coronado’s stretch of beach is public, meaning you’re welcome to enjoy it at your leisure. You can even find free parking nearby.

Is it safe to swim at Coronado Beach?

A goal of Coronado is continued swimmable waters for recreational use. These uses include swimming, wading, water-skiing, skin and scuba diving, surfing, and fishing. closure updates and water quality status.

Does Coronado Beach have a boardwalk?

Walk the Boardwalk Along the southside of Coronado, there is a boardwalk on both sides of the island (same as the bike path). This is a great spot to walk and just explore the area as it is peaceful and wide open.

Is it warm enough to swim in San Diego?

The ocean is usually at its warmest in San Diego during late August and September but sometimes even later. And it is rarely at its coldest in November! And it doesn*t usually get below 55 degrees so while not balmy, still very possible to swim all year around.

Which California beach is the warmest?

The warmest temperatures happen at Avila Beach, Long Beach and Laguna Beach where the days get up to at least 67 degrees F (19 °C) on average in December and January. Warm days in winter also occur at Imperial Beach, San Diego, Oxnard, Santa Barbara and Morro Bay where temperatures typically reach the mid-60s each day.

What’s the best beach to go to in San Diego?

Here is our list of the top 10 beaches in San Diego.La Jolla Cove Beach. Coronado Beach. Pacific Beach. Flat Rock Beach. Ocean Beach City Beach. La Jolla Shores Beach. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. South Mission Beach.