Is the T54 good?

Is the T54 good?

The T54 running almost all AP is still a decent tank. It’s just the T54 not afraid to use HEAT is really good, and a pure-HEAT-54 is borderline OP. It’s playable but not enjoyable at all, same with the M46 and E 50, in my opinion.

How many T54 tanks were made?


Manufacturer KhPZ, UVZ (Soviet Union) Bumar-Łabędy (Poland) ZTS Martin (Czechoslovakia)
Unit cost US$200,000 (export price to Egypt, 1956-1972)
Produced 1946–1981 (Soviet Union) 1956–1979 (Poland) 1957–1983 (Czechoslovakia)
No. built 86,000–100,000+ est.

What is the best tank in tank Wars?

The best tanks in World of Tanks:

  • Tier I – Leichttraktor.
  • Tier II – Pz. II.
  • Tier III – Cruiser III.
  • Tier IV – P26/40,
  • Tier V – T67.
  • Tier VI – O-I.
  • Tier VII – AMX 13 75.
  • Tier VIII – T-44.

Is the T 54 first prototype good?

Conclusion. The T-54P wants to be a good tank, but its just not at all. Its combination of terrible top speed, horrible penetration, and moderate armor mean its at a disadvantage against every other tier 8. Its particularly weak against the ubiqutous defender/IS-3 clones that dominate the tier.

Is the T54 still in service?

Currently 8 T-54s are in service. 50 T-54s were ordered in 1967 from the Soviet Union and delivered in 1968. Between 80 and 120 T-54s were lost during the Yom Kippur War. 300 T-55s were ordered in 1973 from the Soviet Union and delivered between 1974 and 1975.

Is the T 55 A good tank?

The T54 and T55 have been involved in many of the world’s best-known clashes from the late twentieth Century and the early modern world. It has now become the most-produced tank in history. The T55 weighs 36 tonnes and stands 6.45m long, 3.37m wide and 2.4m high, requiring a crew of 4 to be fully manned.

What is the difference between T55 and T54?

The layout of the T-54 is conventional, with the main armament comprising a 100mm rifled gun. The T-55 combines a high velocity gun with exceptional long-range endurance. The T-55 has a fully tracked, five-road-wheeled chassis with a low-silhouetted hull and a dome shaped turret.

What is the difference between T-55 and T-54?