Is the story of Peter Pan only a fiction?

Is the story of Peter Pan only a fiction?

The story of Peter Pan has always been only a fiction to her. But what will happen when she crosses paths with the characters that she thought she knew weren’t real? Rated: T – English – Romance/Adventure – Chapters: 22 – Words: 48]

Who are the main characters in Peter Pan?

All Characters (C) Captain Hook Curly James D. John D. Mr. Darling Mr. Smee Mrs. Darling Nibs OC Peter Pan Slightly Tiger Lily Tinkerbell Tootles Wendy D.

Who is Wendy in the book Peter Pan?

Wendy is a resident reader of the Hospital, being a graduated patient of the establishment she reads to Peter. He remembers her, she does not. Rated: K+ – English – Adventure – Chapters: 2 – Words: 3,236 – Reviews: 2 – Favs: 4 – Follows: 11 – Updated: Aug 31 – Published: Jun 15 – Peter Pan, Wendy D.

Who is inspired by Peter Pan and the Pirates?

Fox’s Peter Pan and the Pirates. Cecilia attempts to capture Peter Pan. Inspired by the episodes Ages of Pan, The Rake, etc. James Hook x Cecilia. Rated: K – English – Family – Chapters: 2 – Words: 696 – Published: Apr 30 – Captain Hook, Wendy D. – Complete

Who is the bad guy in Peter Pan?

Peter Pan has been murdering the Lost Boys as they inevitably grow up for years. Captain Hook has also been trying to stop him for years. Unfortunately, the version Wendy brought back–under the guise of J.M. Berrie– cast Hook as the bad guy.

Who was the inspiration for Captain Hook in Peter Pan?

Barrie’s and Jason Isaacs’ Captain Hook is the inspiration for my handsome Captain. Who could ever resist those long dark curls, the wicked blue eyes, and a voice that inspires Thoughts. Wendy Darling and Captain Hook are happily married.

Who is the little girl in Peter Pan?

But when her mother who happened to be king Tritons first daughter dies, she becomes known as Captains hook’s d… Flower is a little girl in NeverLand, her mother is unknown, and her father is Peter Pan. Flower is a beautiful little girl, Peter loves her with all his heart, She can…