Is the MF 65 a good tractor?

Is the MF 65 a good tractor?

Although the MF 65 was an excellent tractor it came too late to stop the Fordson Major from capturing market share. It was appreciated by those who knew how to get the best out of the Ferguson system and loyal Ferguson buyers used them with great success.

What engine does a Massey Ferguson 65 have?

Massey Ferguson 65 Specs

Years made 1958 to 1964
Engine overview Continential 2.9L 4-cyl gasoline Perkins 3.3L 4-cyl diesel Perkins 3.1L 4-cyl diesel Continental 2.9L 4-cyl LP gas
3-point hitch – Rear type I
PTO (claimed) 41 hp [30.6 kW]
Gears 6 forward and 1 reverse 6 forward and 2 reverse 12 forward and 4 reverse

How many horsepower is a 65 Massey Ferguson?

Massey Ferguson 65

Massey Ferguson 65 Power
Drawbar (claimed): 33 hp 24.6 kW
PTO (claimed): 41 hp 30.6 kW
Drawbar (tested): 43.95 hp 32.8 kW
PTO (tested): 50.98 hp 38.0 kW

What year is Massey Ferguson 65?

The Massey Ferguson 65 was built to follow on from the successful Massey Ferguson 35 as a higher horsepower tractor. The MF 65 featured a 65 hp (48 kW) Perkins engine….Massey Ferguson 65.

Model history
Model introduced 1958
Model discontinued 1965
Model status Discontinued
Preceded by Massey Ferguson 35

How much does a 65 hp tractor weigh?

How much does a tractor weigh?

Tractor Weight (in lbs) Horse Power
3. New Holland
New Holland T4.65 Powerstar 6239 lbs (4WD Cab) 64 hp
New Holland PowerStar 65 6239 lbs (4WD Cab) 64 hp
New Holland Powerstar 75 5027 lbs (2WD ROPS) 5622 lbs (2WD Cab) 5952 lbs (4WD ROPS) 6239 (4WD Cap) 74 hp

How fast is a Massey Ferguson 135?

The Massey Ferguson 135 Multi-Power, which has a 45bhp Perkins diesel engine and a top speed of just 21.7mph, is up for auction at the Harrogate Vintage Sale on today at the Great Yorkshire Showground.

How wide is a Massey Ferguson 65?

Massey Ferguson 65 Dimensions

Wheelbase: 84 inches 213 cm
Width: 72 inches 182 cm
Height: 57 inches 144 cm
62.63 inches 159 cm (Hi-clearance)

What are the specs of a Massey Ferguson 65?

The cylinder bore is 89.0 mm (3.50 in) and the piston stroke is 127.0 mm (5.0 in). The compression ratio rating is 16.5:1. The MF 65 is equipped with manual or power (option) steering, differential mechanical internal expanding disc brakes, open operator station, and 50.0 liters (13.2 US gal.; 11 Imp. gal) fuel tank.

How much gas does a Massey Ferguson tractor have?

Capacity Gas Fuel: 13.2 gal 50.0 L Diesel Fuel: 17 gal 64.3 L Hydraulic system: 8 gal 30.3 L Rear axle: 1 qts 0.9 L

How big is the carburetor float on a Massey Ferguson 65?

Carburetor Float – For tractor models 3165, 65, 150, 165, 175. Carburetor Float with Marvel Schebler large bowl measures 2 3/4 inches at widest point: TSX695, TSX884, TSX893, TSX947SL. Replaces OEM part number 1508838M91.

Where is the serial number on a Massey Ferguson tractor?

Make sure you have access to your tractor serial number, because there is a chance that the Massey Ferguson 65 parts you need depend on that serial number. Usually, the serial number is printed on tractor instrument panel or on the right side of the battery support bracket.