Is the interlace HDB?

Is the interlace HDB?

The Interlace project team had won in the Housing – Completed Buildings category of the festival on Wednesday, beating 13 others including the likes of home-grown firm SCDA Architects, who submitted their SkyTerrace@Dawson, a Build-To-Order (BTO) HDB project. The Interlace win is a bittersweet one for the festival.

How many apartments are in Interlace Singapore?

World Architecture Festival The Interlace, designed by the Office of Metropolitan Architecture and Buro Ole Scheeren, is composed of 31 apartment blocks six stories high and 230 feet long. In total, the complex contains 1,041 units.

Is Interlace a good buy?

Bought a 2BR Unit at Interlace in 2020. The facilities are great coupled with a serene environment with such a huge plot of liveable place within the complex. Overall definitely a great place to live in where it is centrally located in Singapore with easy access to town.

Who built interlace?

Ole Scheeren
The Interlace/Architects

The Interlace is a large residential complex in Singapore consisting of a series of apartment blocks stacked diagonally across one another. German architect Ole Scheeren designed the project while running OMA’s Beijing office, before setting up his own studio Buro Ole Scheeren.

Is Queens condo a good buy?

Good location Condo Queens condo location is fanstatic! Its excellent location gets you to the city area within minutes! The units on the higher floors provides an excellent view of the city and even seaview for some stacks. MRT station is just a mere few steps away from the sidegate.

Is Normanton Park A Good Investment?

Normanton Park Has Great Investment Potential One of the first things any property investor considers is the price, and according to the agents, Normanton Park’s selling price of $1,750 psf is a very reasonable entry price.

Are there any properties for rent at Interlace?

19 Results of Property For Rent, at The Interlace. You can now find projects which are eligible for HOC discounts here. Save at least 10% on your new home purchase! You hid this property.

How big is the interlace condo in Singapore?

The Interlace Condo features 1,040 apartments on a 99-year leasehold land of 871,884 sq ft, with units ranging from 807 sq ft for two bedroom apartments to 4,306 sq ft for “super penthouses”. These units are in 31 apartment blocks, each six stories high, set in hexagonal arrangements to form eight large courtyards.

How is the interlace condo different from other condos?

The Interlace condo is a new response to contemporary living in a tropical environment that moves away from typical clusters of isolated vertical towers. The architects have created a unique community-like condominium. It is aptly named too – an interlace of apartment blocks creating a series of unfolding vistas & courtyards.

Who is the architect of the interlace building?

The Interlace is designed by Ole Scheeren from OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), who lead the design and construction of the China Central Television Station (CCTV) headquarters in Beijing, and the Prada Epicenters in New York City and Los Angeles. Design & Layout.