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Is the Honda Hornet fast?

Is the Honda Hornet fast?

A combination of a sporty middleweight engine in a capable chassis was a huge sales success, and other Arms soon launched their own naked 600s. Honda’s answer was the CB600F Hornet, launched in 1998….Honda CB 600F Hornet.

Make Model Honda CB 600F Hornet
Standing ¼ Mile 11.4 sec /192.2 km/h
Top Speed 226.6 km/h

How heavy is a Honda Hornet 600?

379.2 pounds

Honda CB600F Hornet 600 Dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight
Front Brakes Dimensions – Disc Dimensions 296 mm (11.7 inches)
Rear Brakes Dimensions – Disc Dimensions 240 mm (9.4 inches)
Curb Weight (including fluids)
Dry Weight 172.0 kg (379.2 pounds)

What weight is a Honda Hornet?

Honda CB 600F Hornet

Make Model Honda CB 600F Hornet
Seat Height 790 mm / 31.1 in
Ground Clearance: 140 mm / 5.5 in
Dry Weight 176 kg / 388.0 lbs
Wet Weight 198 kg / 456.5 lbs

What is the top speed of Hornet?

Honda CB Hornet 160R BS4 has a top speed of 110 Kmph.

Is the Honda 919 fast?

14 seconds and its top speed that has been officially tested at 142 mph. While the bike isn’t a dedicated racer, it goes fast enough and it has plenty of power. The design of the 919 features fork tubes that are spaced closely and with no fairing, the bike looks deceptively smaller than it really is.

How much power does a Honda Hornet 600 have?

The Honda Hornet 600 model is a Sport bike manufactured by Honda . In this version sold from year 2007 , the dry weight is and it is equipped with a In-line four, four-stroke motor. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 100.57 HP (73.4 kW) @ 12000 RPM and a maximum torque of 64.00 Nm (6.5 kgf-m or 47.2 ft.lbs) @ 10500 RPM .

What kind of bike is the Honda Hornet?

2006 Honda CB 600 F Hornet. Picture credits – Honda. Submit more pictures. More pictures… Meet the bike that started motorcycling’s ‘streetfighter’ phenomenon. Now know it by its name: Hornet.

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How big is the engine on a Honda CB600F?

Make Model Honda CB 600F Hornet Year 1998-99 Engine Four stroke, transverse four cylinder, D Capacity 599 cc / 36.5 cu-in Bore x Stroke 65 x 45.2 mm