Is Super Size Me appropriate?

Is Super Size Me appropriate?

Why is Super Size Me rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Super Size Me PG-13 for language, sex and drug references, and a graphic medical procedure.

What happened to Morgan Spurlock Super Size Me?

In 2017, Spurlock stepped down from his production company after admitting to having committed sexual misconduct in his past, including cheating on his past wives and girlfriends as well as settling a sexual harassment allegation.

How did Super Size Me effect Mcdonalds?

Spurlock gained 18 pounds, and his cholesterol increased markedly. He also began to feel depressed, and his girlfriend noted in the film that the all-McDonald’s diet was impacting his sexual performance. “If you decide to keep eating this way, go ahead,” Spurlock says in his narration at the end of the film.

How long does it take Morgan to lose all the weight he gained in Super Size Me?

It took Spurlock fourteen months to lose all the weight gained from his experiment using a vegan diet supervised by his then-girlfriend, a chef who specializes in gourmet vegan dishes.

How much money did Morgan Spurlock make from Supersize Me?

It took Spurlock 14 months to return to his normal weight. Ultimately, the film was a huge commercial success, grossing $22 million on a budget of $65,000….Morgan Spurlock Net Worth.

Net Worth: $5 Million
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.87 m)

Is the Supersize Me restaurant still open?

His pop-up restaurant in Ohio has long since closed but Spurlock brought it to New York to coincide with the film’s release. He and his family have been punished financially for revealing the industry’s secrets to Spurlock.

Did the Super Size Me guy get sued?

SPURLOCK SUED FOR FORTY MILLION OVER ‘SUPER SIZE’ PROFITS “Super Size Me” director and star Morgan Spurlock is being sued for a staggering $40 million by a company that claims Spurlock failed to share the film’s profits with them, despite signing a contract promising a 25 percent share.

How long did he eat McDonald’s on Super Size Me?

For 30 days, Spurlock ate McDonald’s food, three meals a day, to see what would happen to his body. He chronicled this diet in his new documentary “Super Size Me.”

How does Morgan feel after eating?

Morgan experiences withdrawal-like symptoms between means and addictive type euphoria after a meal. What’s physiologically going on inside his body at these different times? When he eats, his endorphins go up and make him happy. When he doesn’t eat, he feels depressed and sad.