Is Rolex 6694 a good watch?

Is Rolex 6694 a good watch?

Oysterdate Precision 6694: A Great Entry-Level Rolex It is a model that manages to be very affordable and easily found on the pre-owned market, but so overlooked among even knowledgeable enthusiasts that it’s unlikely you’ll come across many in the wild.

What is Rolex Oysterdate?

The Rolex Oysterdate Milestones The Oysterdate, an entry-level version of both previous watches, debuts. The ref. 6094 is also 34mm and is housed in a waterproof Oyster case. But its caliber, the Cal. 1215, is a manually-wound movement and without COSC certification.

What size is Rolex 6694?

The Rolex Oysterdate Precision 6694 is not a big watch, but it does wear larger than its size would suggest. It checks in at a seemingly miniscule 34mm in diameter, but I promise you that it somehow wears more like 35-36mm.

Is Rolex 6694 waterproof?

Reference 6694 is a classic vintage Oyster model that Rolex first introduced in 1959. The watch is fitted with a heavy gauge, stainless steel, Rolex Oyster model 78350 bracelet which is in excellent, crisp condition. As part of this watch’s service it has been pressure tested for water-resistance for depths up to 100m.

What does Rolex Precision mean?

the term precision at the bottom is the rolex way of saying that the watch is not cosc certified. the term precision isn’t the name of the model. the oyster preceded the oyster perpetual.

What does Oysterdate mean?

In short, the standard Datejust is an automatic watch with a 36mm case, the Date is an automatic watch with a 34mm case, and the Oysterdate is a manually-wound watch with a 34mm case. Do you have a preference among these three Rolex calendar watches?

Is Oyster Perpetual same as Datejust?

Conclusion: Both watches have great features. The 39mm Oyster Perpetual watch has a price tag that is approximately $2,300 less than the Datejust but comes without the added date window that you will find on the Datejust 41mm and doesn’t feature the Easylink comfort extension link also found on the Datejust.

Is the Rolex Oysterdate precision 6694 a quickset watch?

For the ref. 6694, needing nothing more taxing than a date function, and a non-Quickset one at that, never graduating to a Perpetual caliber gives it an air of the watch that Rolex forgot. But, in fact, its straightforwardness only adds to the Oysterdate’s charm.

What’s the ref on the Rolex precision 6694?

Rolex Mens Rolex Oysterdate Precision Ref.6694 34mm Hand-Wind,… Rolex Oysterdate Precision Vintage Manual Wind 6694 Blue Dial… Rolex Oysterdate Precision Blue Dial Diamond Bezel 34mm 6694

What was the date of the 1966 Rolex Oysterdate?

Rolex 1966 Vintage Mens Oysterdate Date Watch, Silver Dial -… Rolex Oysterdate Precision Silver Dial Smooth Bezel 34mm on a… Rolex Mens Rolex Oysterdate Precision Ref.6694 34mm Hand-Wind,…

Which is the best Rolex precision 34mm dial?

Rolex Mens Rolex Oysterdate Precision Ref 6694 34mm Hand-Wind… Rolex Oysterdate Precision – Ref. 6694 – Explorer Dial – 34 mm… Rolex Oysterdate Precision – Edelstahl – Armband Leder – 34mm… Rolex Oysterdate Precision 34 Linen Dial Handaufzug Stahl… Rolex Mens Rolex Oysterdate Precision Ref 6694 34mm Hand-Wind…