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Is OWASA a government agency?

Is OWASA a government agency?

OWASA is a public (non-profit) agency, a special purpose unit of local government.

Is Chapel Hill water fluoridated?

The Orange County Health Department Board of Health on March 26, 2020, unanimously approved a recommendation that Orange Water and Sewer Authority continue fluoridating the drinking water across the service area (generally the Carrboro and Chapel Hill communities) at current levels.

How do I cancel OWASA?

To end OWASA service, fill out the online form below. Please indicate the date when you want your service disconnected, your current address, your forwarding address (for sending you our final bill/applicable refund), phone number and account number.

Where does Chapel Hill water come from?

Carrboro and Chapel Hill’s primary water sources are University Lake and Cane Creek Reservoir.

Is University Lake open?

The 213-acre public lake is open for public recreation including canoe and flat-bottom boats, fishing, picnicking, and sunbathing. Please check our website to confirm our schedule.

When was Owasa established?

February 16, 1977
We took our first steps to bettering the community’s water infrastructure when we commenced operations on February 16, 1977.

Can you drink tap water in Chapel Hill?

The Orange Water and Sewer Authority says its tap water is safe to drink. Officials say samples from across the service area tested safe Saturday afternoon. Though they’re asking customers to use water sparingly as supplies remain low.

Where does Orange County NC get its water?

Summary: Orange Water and Sewer Authority furnishes drinking water from University Lake and the Cane Creek Reservoir to approximately 70,000 people in Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Is Lake Michael open?

Lake Michael is open: 8 am to 9 pm.

Is Carrboro water safe to drink?

The fluoride overfeed was contained at the Jones Ferry Road Water Treatment Plant. No water with higher than normal fluoride reached the water pipe system, so the water is safe to drink.

Can I drink tap water in North Carolina?

Raleigh’s tap water is perfectly safe to drink and, according to the North Carolina American Water Works Association, one of the “best tasting” in North Carolina. The Raleigh water system serving 570,000 customers meets or exceeds all official state and federal standards for water quality.