Is OT evidence-based?

Is OT evidence-based?

Occupational therapy is a science-driven profession that applies the most up-to-date research to service delivery. According to systematic reviews from AOTA’s Evidence-Based Practice Occupational Therapy Practice Guidelines, evidence shows that the following occupational therapy interventions improve client outcomes.

What is EBP in occupational therapy?

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is based on integrating critically appraised research results with the practitioner’s clinical expertise, and the client’s preferences, beliefs, and values.

What makes research evidence based?

Evidence-based research means that the information you use to make decisions about patient care is based on sound research, not opinion. This means you must search several sources (published articles in medical journals or in electronic form) for data, results and conclusions of valid, reputable studies.

What are the 5 Aota practice areas?

Here are our top 5 steps to incorporating AOTA’s EBP resources into your daily practice:

  • Children & Youth.
  • Health & Wellness.
  • Mental Health.
  • Productive Aging.
  • Rehabilitation & Disability.
  • Work & Industry.

What is an evidence based practice for disability?

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is based on the integration of critically appraised research results with the clinical expertise, and the client’s preferences, beliefs and values.

What are the types of evidence based practice?

Evidence-Based Research: Evidence Types

  • Introduction.
  • Systematic review.
  • Guidelines & summaries.
  • Randomized controlled trial.
  • Cohort study.
  • Case-controlled studies.
  • Background information & expert opinion.

How do you find evidence-based research?

Evidence-Based Practice Resources

  1. PubMed for Nurses: Provides free access to MEDLINE, the NLM database of indexed citations and abstracts.
  2. Welch Medical Library: For Johns Hopkins Health System employees.
  3. CINAHL Complete: A research tool for nursing and allied health professionals.