Is Miracle Grow good for your hair?

Is Miracle Grow good for your hair?

Then you have got to try Goddess Unique’s Miracle Grow Hair Serum. This magic formula helps stimulate hair growth and helps your hair feel its very best. It’s moisturizing, softening and really works. Revitalizes hair follicles and strengthens weak hair.

When did Dr Miracle come out?

Since its 2004 inception, Dr. Miracle’s, a leader in the ethnic personal care industry, has grown to market over 30 products highlighting the importance of repairing and enhancing one’s natural hair.

How do you use Dr Miracle Serum?

For best results use twice a day. First, place a small amount of Intensive Spot Serum onto your hands and gently massage into the scalp areas with the slowest growth problems. Now enjoy my “Feel It” Formula. Next, use on the ends of your hair to help end split ends and breakage.

Is Dr Miracle Black Owned?

Additionally, Dr. Miracles was founded by the same man who founded African Pride, Brian K. A spokesperson told Newsweek that African Pride is not a black-owned brand but is “fully black and Indian person of color-operated, with leadership positions filled by powerful, hardworking black women.”

Can you use plant food on your hair?

That’s right – as unusual as it may sound, hair works great as a natural fertiliser due to its high levels of magnesium. You can take some strands out of your hair brush or even use dog, cat or horse hair. When used in compost, the hair can offer structural support for roots and help break up thick and clumpy soil.

Who is the owner of Dr miracle hair products?

Brian K. Marks
But Brian K. Marks, who founded Dr. Miracle’s last year, is a steadfast believer in temperance, at least when it comes to his flagship product, Temple & Nape Gro Balm. When developing the product, which is formulated for the hair of African-American women, Mr.

How do you use Gro oil?

Usage & Ingredients Massage gently into scalp. Works on dry or damp hair. Use twice daily. For Hot Oil Treatments (for damaged hair): Apply oil from roots to ends of hair.

Does hair gel damage hair?

Hair gels contain alcohol and corrosive chemicals that strip off moisture from the hair and scalp and make them dry and dehydrated. These gels mess with the moisture levels and reduce the production of sebum creating dry, brittle and breakage prone hair and give rise to problems of itchy and flaky scalp.