Is March good time to go to Hawaii?

Is March good time to go to Hawaii?

Hawaii Crowds in March In general, pre- and post-March break periods are best if you want to avoid crowds, but March is one of the most popular months for Hawaiian travel. That said, you will still be able to avoid areas swarming with tourists, so your trip should work out just fine.

Is it rainy in Hawaii in March?

The rainy season lasts from November to March, so although it’s still wet at this time of year, the rain gets less and less common as the month goes on. If you want to avoid the high season crowds and don’t mind the occasional rain shower, March is a great month to visit Hawaii.

Is Hawaii cold in March?

The weather in March is quite nice — especially if you are coming from chilly, winter climates from North America. Daytime high temperatures generally average in the upper 70s to lower 80s F. You might want to bring a light sweater or jacket to wear in the evenings with an average low in the upper 60s F.

Should I go to Hawaii in March 2021?

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the Hawaiian Islands, especially the outer islands, have fared relatively well thanks to the early and long-standing quarantine, testing, and now vaccination policies, which for most of 2021 has made Hawaii a safe destination to visit.

Can you swim in Maui in March?

Average water temperature in Maui in March is 75.2°F and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming. The warmest sea in Maui in March is 77.7°F, and the coldest is 72.7°F.

Is it too cold to snorkel in Hawaii in March?

Water temperatures reach a low of 73 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter, making March ideal for snorkeling. A cold day on the island means temperatures might reach into the low 60s, but the high humidity makes it feel warmer.

Is Hawaii crowded in March?

March is a busy month in Hawaii March is a relatively busy month in Hawaii. Compared to February or April, it is busier on all islands including Oahu, Maui, Big Island and Kauai. Interestingly, these relatively larger crowds cannot be explained by improved weather. March is wetter than the month before or after.

Are the whales in Maui in March?

March. Most whales have not begun their migration back to Alaska yet, so March is also one of the best months to whale watch in Maui. While the humpbacks are in Maui they are mating, giving birth and teaching their young important life skills like breaching.