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Is Keystone Passport a good trailer?

Is Keystone Passport a good trailer?

This travel trailer has been the perfect camper for us. It is easy to tow and park, and has everything we needed in the way of comfort. Queen bed, sizeable refrigerator and freezer, entertainment center, and full bathroom. It also has plenty of storage.

How much does a 2018 Keystone Passport weigh?

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Sleeps 10
Interior Color MONTREAL
Hitch Weight 690 lbs
Dry Weight 6096 lbs
Cargo Weight 1404 lbs

Who makes Keystone Passport?

Thor Industries
Thor Industries – Owners of Keystone RVs Keystone is now run by CEO Matt Zimmerman and has around 200 employees. Thor Industries’ purchase of Keystone was one of the largest RV manufacturer purchases ever at that time, although Thor went on to spend even more acquiring more RV makers later.

Who makes Passport travel trailers?

Keystone RV
Keystone RV Passport Travel Trailers.

Is Keystone a good brand?

Keystones make good quality RVs, camper trailers, fifth wheels and miniature trailers. Founded in 1996, Keystone RV is the leading manufacturer of fifth wheels in North America and a leading manufacturer of caravans. Keystone’s many RV brands are the most recognized names on the highway.

Where are keystone passport trailers made?

Keystone RVs are manufactured at a plant in Goshen, Indiana, in America.

How wide is a keystone passport trailer?


Sleeps 7
Ext Width 8 ft
Ext Height 10 ft 4 in
Interior Color Harbor
Hitch Weight 535 lbs

How long is a keystone passport?


Sleeps 4
Length 22 ft 9 in
Ext Height 10 ft 4 in
Interior Color Remington, Montreal, Brentwood
Hitch Weight 425 lbs

Can you add a second axle to a single axle trailer?

If you want to add a second axle to an existing single-axle trailer you potentially can do so but there are a few things to keep in mind. A trailer’s weight capacity depends on all of the components that go into it: coupler, frame, suspension, axles, hubs, wheels and tires.