Is First Gen Cummins good?

Is First Gen Cummins good?

If you’re familiar with diesel trucks, you’ve probably heard of the first generation Cummins. In my opinion, it’s by far the most reliable diesel engine ever put into a pickup truck, with the only close competition coming from the 7.3L Powerstroke.

How many first gen Cummins were built?

Consequently, the first-generation trucks were produced from that year up until 1993. Total production was between 100-200,000 units during those five years. It was built off of the existing D-Series that came about in 1981.

What was the first generation of Cummins trucks?

The Cummins 6BT that went into the first-generation Cummins Dodge Ram. Perhaps it was for the best that Chrysler held off for as long as it did, for it set in motion the greatest revolution in trucks since their inception.

What to do when buying a first Gen Cummins?

Your first purchases for an automatic gearbox should be a fluid and filter change, and then a new torque converter and flexplate to bring new life; for a manual, check for clutch slippage and order an aftermarket clutch if you find it lacking. We sought advice from a first-gen owner and found Wayne Jones through social media.

What kind of Cummins engine does a Dodge W250 have?

GET IT SHIPPED Free Auto Shipping Quote: 1992 Dodge W250 Cummins Diesel–For Sale 1992 Dodge W250 with the 5.9 Cummins 12valve diesel engine and manual 5 speed transmission.-When I bought this truck it had a leaking injector pump.

What’s the best mod for a diesel Cummins?

For just 20 bucks, the 3,200 rpm governor spring from Pure Diesel Power is one of the most beneficial mods you can make to your first-gen Cummins—and the added rpm doesn’t warrant the need for stiffer valve springs. With the 3,200 rpm governor spring installed and higher rpm in the mix, more air flowing through the intake is needed.