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Is European Health Insurance Card valid in Norway?

Is European Health Insurance Card valid in Norway?

If you are an EU citizen, you can use the European Health Insurance Card in all countries of the European Union, as well as in Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. If you have a residence permit for an EU country (but are not a citizen), then you can use the EHIC only in other EU countries.

What countries does the European Health Insurance Card cover?

The EU countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

Do EHIC cards still exist?

Yes, you can still use a UK-issued EHIC after Brexit. So if you already have an EHIC and you’re going on a temporary visit to an EU country – perhaps for a holiday, to study or for work – you can use it to access state healthcare until it expires. The expiry date is on the front of the card, on the bottom right.

Are EHIC cards worth it?

If you’re travelling to one of the EU and EEA countries, an EHIC is invaluable if you need emergency medical treatment. However the EHIC – and new GHIC – is more of a safety net than a substitute for a good travel insurance policy.

What does the e11 card cover?

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows you to access public healthcare in another EU/EEA state for free or at a reduced rate. You can use it when you are travelling abroad or when you are staying temporarily in another EU State.

Are EHIC cards still valid in Spain?

Updated page to reflect that European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) will continue to be accepted in Spain from 1 January 2021. Students and people with a registered S1 can now apply for a new UK European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that will remain valid from 1 January 2021.

Are EHIC cards still valid in Greece?

Students and people with a registered S1 in Greece can now apply for a new UK European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that will remain valid from 1 January 2021.

Is NHS free for EU citizens?

EU citizens, regardless of their immigration status, will be entitled to register with a GP and receive NHS primary care services free of charge. Entitlement to NHS secondary care services without charge is based on being ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK.

What is not covered by EHIC card?

An EHIC or GHIC covers state healthcare, not private treatment. An EHIC or GHIC is not a replacement for travel insurance – it does not cover everything, such as mountain rescue or being flown back to the UK (medical repatriation). Make sure you have both before you travel.

Is the European health insurance card still in use?

The EHIC provides healthcare access in Europe, with certain limitations, to all EU 27 Member States along with Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. In the post-Brexit era, the European Health Insurance Cards that can still be used in the United Kingdom, but British citizens will soon have their own health document.

How to get a health insurance card in Norway?

If you don’t have access to BankID/are able to order the card at for other reasons, you may call Veiledning (user service) at +47 23 32 70 00 for assistance. The card will be sent to the address where you – or the family members you order the card for – are registered in the Norwegian National registry.

Do you need an EHIC card to travel in Norway?

If you have your EHIC card and are traveling in Norway temporarily, you will be able to access state healthcare services at a reduced cost or for free. However, your EHIC is not a replacement for travel insurance.

How old do you have to be to get a European health card?

You can order the European Health insurance Card for yourself, as well as children under the age of 18 that you have parental responsibility for. Persons who are stateless or have refugee status may also be entitled to a European Health Insurance Card.