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Is Eric Gale still alive?

Is Eric Gale still alive?

Deceased (1938–1994)
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How old is Eric Gale?

55 years (1938–1994)
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Eric Gale, a guitarist best known for his work as a side musician with numerous pop and jazz luminaries, died on May 25 in a hospital in Baja California, Mexico. Mr. Gale, who lived in Los Angeles, was 55.

Who is Eric Gales wife?

LaDonna Gales
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Is Eric Gales a good guitarist?

“He could be the best guitar player on earth… he’s that incredible,” Tremonti told MusicRadar. “If there was ever the ultimate head-cutter in any head-cutting guitar competition, he’d be the king. I’ve never seen him play with another guitarist and not shine. He’s the one that makes you drop your jaw.

Did Eric Gales do drugs?

People are addicted to Eric Gales’ music. But for 27 years, he was addicted to drugs. He says it was love that pulled him out, and he considers it a duty to tell his story wherever he goes. His drug use is actually the reason he met his wife and ended up in the Triad.

Why did Eric Gales go to jail?

Midway through an Experience Hendrix tour, The musician was sent to prison for breaking probation rules after a drug conviction. Looking back on his time behind bars, Gales said: Eric Gales released his latest studio album “The Bookends” earlier this year, you can check it out below.

Where is Eric Gales from?

Memphis, Tennessee, United States
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Is Eric Gales sober?

6, I got sober from you telling me what you said and I’ve been clean ever since. ‘” Eric says even when the music stops, he hopes his story will play on. The Gales family says one of the things that really helped them was their decision to both get help.

What was Eric Gales addicted to?

Eric Gales first hit the scene as a teenage guitar prodigy. He could play Hendrix like Hendrix and he could play the blues like the masters. Despite his talent and promise, Gales would hit the self destruct button, which would lead to a cocaine addiction and land him in clink.

Was Eric Gales jailed?

Stardom was foretold, but has never quite happened for Gales… and he certainly wasn’t helped by serving jail time in 2009 for breaking probation rules (midway through an Experience Hendrix tour) after a drug conviction.

Does Eric Gales know music theory?

The real reason Gales is admired is his fluid, seemingly effortless ability on the guitar. He has had no real training and claims to not know any theory, but is clearly able to solo inventively and melodically at will.

What kind of music did Eric Gale play?

Eric Gale (September 20, 1938 – May 25, 1994) was an American jazz and R&B guitarist.

Where did Eric Gale live as a child?

Eric Gale (September 20, 1938 – May 25, 1994) was an American jazz and R&B guitarist. Born in Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York, Gale grew up in a diverse household. He was of Black-American, Native-American, and British-American heritage. Gale’s grandfather was from Yorkshire, England, who moved to Barbados and met his future wife there.

What happens if you watch an Eric Gale video?

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