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How was Abigail Adams childhood?

How was Abigail Adams childhood?

Born in 1744, Abigail Smith grew up in Weymouth, Massachusetts, a village some 12 miles from Boston. Her father, William Smith, was minister of the First Congregational Church there, and also made a living as a farmer. He and his wife, Elizabeth Quincy Smith, both belonged to distinguished families in New England.

What was John Adams childhood like?

Born into a comfortable, but not wealthy, Massachusetts farming family on October 30, 1735, John Adams grew up in the tidy little world of New England village life. His father, a deacon in the Congregational Church, earned a living as a farmer and shoemaker in Braintree, roughly fifteen miles south of Boston.

What did John Quincy Adams do in his childhood?

John Quincy Adams was born on July 11, 1767, in the village of Braintree (now Quincy), Massachusetts, a few miles south of Boston. His early years were spent living alternately in Braintree and Boston, and his doting father and affectionate mother taught him mathematics, languages, and the classics.

When did Abigail Adams have her first child?

The two happened to meet at a social gathering in 1761, where John saw the petite, shy 17-year-old through different eyes and was immediately smitten. Three years later, the couple married and soon welcomed their first child, a daughter named Abigail, in 1765.

What did John Adams love?

He was the “father of the navy” and a leading voice in the war for independence, but deep down, John Adams was a peace-loving hippie. He loved peace so much he referred to his diplomatic notes from Europe as his “peace journal” and he named his farm “Peace Field.”

What was John Adams relationship to John Quincy Adams?

He was the eldest son of John Adams, who served as the second U.S. president from 1797 to 1801, and First Lady Abigail Adams. Initially a Federalist like his father, he won election to the presidency as a member of the Democratic-Republican Party, and in the mid-1830s became affiliated with the Whig Party.

Why was Abigail nickname nabby?

She was born in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1766. Her parents named her Abigail Adams, but they began calling her “Nabby” when she was still an infant. Nabby had an extraordinary childhood. Nabby took it all in stride, never becoming spoiled or self-indulgent.

What was the early life of Abigail Smith?

Early Life. Abigail Smith was born on November 11, 1744, (by the Gregorian calendar we use today) in Weymouth, Massachusetts. The daughter of a minister, she was a devoted reader, studying the works of William Shakespeare and John Milton among others.

Who are the members of the Adams family?

The Adamses became a part of a social circle that included such patriots as John’s cousin Samuel Adams, John Hancock, James Otis, and Joseph Warren. But soon there was little time for socializing as dramatic events in Boston overshadowed other concerns.

What did Abigail Smith contribute to the founding of the United States?

Throughout her seventy-four-year life, this American heroine was an invaluable contributor to the founding and strengthening of the United States. Abigail Smith was born on November 11, 1744, in Weymouth, Massachusetts, the second child of Elizabeth Quincy Smith and the Reverend William Smith.

What did John and Abigail write to each other?

Through it all, John and Abigail diligently wrote each other. Their discourse includes eyewitness accounts of the vote for independence, Washington’s inauguration, and countless other moments that helped shape their young nation. Some letters even gush with romance.