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How to listen to online radio stations with Winamp?

How to listen to online radio stations with Winamp?

To access the station list follow these steps. This document, titled « Listen to Online Radio Stations With Winamp », is available under the Creative Commons license. Any copy, reuse, or modification of the content should be sufficiently credited to CCM ( ).

How long has Winamp been on the market?

Winamp has been around since 1997 (that’s over 20 years!) and it’s still going strong. Over that time there’s been changes here and there to how it looks and functions, but the core of it has remained the same. Through thick and thin Winamp has been a media player and tool to broadcast to your online radio station.

What kind of media player can I use with Winamp?

A very advanced mp3 and general audio player supporting tagging, visualizations and Winamp plugins. Powerful Winamp-style media player which supports MP3 and other audio formats as well as radio stations. Watch online TV streams free with Readon TV Player.

Which is the last stable version of Winamp?

This Winamp download is actually the original version of the program before it ceased development. Though there still is a community on the official web site, the new owners of the program have apparently not continued with its development which leaves us with the last stable version 5.666. With that said, Winamp really does kick the llama’s ass.

What are the new features in Winamp 2.95?

What’s new in Winamp 2.95: 1 startup with hung winamp process in background fixed (opens new instance) 2 CD ripping support in media library (with OGG Vorbis encoding support) 3 Preliminary AAC playback support added to in_mp3.dll 4 ryan fixed shuffle again

What kind of music can I play on Winamp?

Winamp is compatible with the majority of multimedia files out there and during our tests, we didn’t encounter any problems while playing all the files we had on our computer. On top of that, it provides access to a huge Shoutcast Radio Stations collection, so listening to good music is a matter of just a few clicks.

Are there any skins that can be installed on Winamp?

Skins can still be installed though, but only the classic ones which do not really stress up the computer more than the standard one. The main window of Winamp includes the playlist and the equalizer, and even novices can experiment around with the settings and obtain the best quality for their tracks.