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How to find out more about Statistics Canada?

How to find out more about Statistics Canada?

Statistics and data 1 Statistics Canada. Includes statistics that will help you better understand Canada’s population, resources, economy, society and culture. 2 Facts and figures – Citizenship and Immigration. 3 Statistics on Canadians abroad. 4 Open Government. 5 My StatCan. 6 Find statistics and data by department or agency.

How are player ratings calculated in World of Warcraft?

The rating system accounts for a variety of statistics such as battle count, wins, damage, survivals, as well as numerous other factors. The formula for calculating Personal Rating as of 8.11 is as follows: bc – total battle count, As it takes battles played to calculate below statistics (just playing the game doesn’t increase your Personal Rating)

How much does the top 1% make in Canada?

Age 65 $9,737,667 CDN – Total wealth to make it into the top 1%; The Top 1% Income in Canada = Salary of $225,409 CDN per year. Canadians Financial Health Indicators. 27% of Canadians are considered financially healthy; 15% of Canadians are considered financially vulnerable; 54% of Canadians spent more than their income in the prior 12 months

Why do you use per tank rating in WOT?

The per-tank ratings are significantly harder to develop (getting good data) and apply (requirea lot more computation power) but the results control for the tank composition of an account history in a way that dmg/tier method ratings can never duplicate. So WN8 becomes a “per-tank” rating, instead of a “dmg/tier” rating.

Who is the Chief Statistician of Canada?

It is headquartered in Ottawa. The agency is led by the chief statistician of Canada, currently Anil Arora, who assumed the role on September 19, 2016. StatCan is responsible to Parliament through the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, currently François-Philippe Champagne .

How often is a census done in Canada?

Statistics is a federal responsibility in Canada, and Statistics Canada produces statistics for all the provinces as well as the federal government. In addition to conducting about 350 active surveys on virtually all aspects of Canadian life, Statistics Canada undertakes a country-wide census every five years on…

How many covid-19 shots are there in Canada?

Cumulative percent and number of people who have received a COVID-19 vaccine in Canada by age group and vaccination status, MMM DD, YYYY Figure 3. Hover over bars to see the cumulative number or percent of people vaccinated so far. Figure 4.