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How to Choose AWS Consulting Company?

How to Choose AWS Consulting Company?

How Can You Pick the Best AWS Partner

AWS or Amazon Web Service has become one of the most sought-after cloud services. With 94% enterprises moving to cloud, AWS has become one of the top choices. And we must say, for good reasons!

AWS is available in more than 21 regions and home to awesome features. Amazon constantly keeps adding new features so that clients can enjoy the best results. The service has users in more than 1,290 countries with the number of customers crossing 1 million.

Naturally, businesses are the top customers of AWS. The seamless nature of the cloud infrastructure makes it suitable for mass adoption. The cost-effective rates are also another reason!

If you want to adopt AWS, you need a solid AWS consulting partner. And today, we will learn how to select the best AWS consulting partners for your business needs.

First, we will discuss the different types of AWS partners you can choose.

Types of AWS Partners to Choose From

How to Choose AWS Consulting Company?AWS runs its own partner network of accredited companies. You can choose any recognized AWS partner to get the best service and peace of mind. Let’s take a look at the different types of AWS partners you can choose-

AWS Consulting Partners

An AWS consulting will provide you complete guidance and advice to make the most of AWS services. You can get consultations on a range of tasks including-

  • Planning and design
  • Cloud architecture
  • Migration
  • Cloud management

Your Amazon AWS consulting partner will also help you implement solutions on your infrastructure.

AWS Technology Partners

AWS technology partners provide to tech to drive your cloud architecture. That includes hardware, software, and other technical resources. The technology partner network consists of various stakeholders like-

  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Software sellers
  • SaaS providers
  • Network carriers

You may also come across AWS partners like Alpacked that provide both consulting and tech services. That eliminates the need to work with two separate partners. You can get foolproof guidance and the best solutions to reach business success.

Levels of AWS Partners

AWS Partners have different levels based on their expertise, experience, and skills. You can partner up with-

  • Select AWS partner
  • Advanced AWS partner
  • Premier Tier AWS partner

As you may have guessed, Select is the beginner’s level, and the Premier Tier is the most advanced. So, an AWS premier consulting partner will be the most experienced and skilled at handling AWS activities.

Naturally, the AWS consulting rates of a Premier Tier partner will also be the highest.

How to Choose the Best AWS Consulting Services

You need to consider a few factors to choose the best AWS consulting services. Here’s what you should look for-


Your AWS advanced consulting partner needs to have the right expertise. It’s what is going to ensure that your company is in the most proficient hands. For instance, the team at Alpacked is made of AWS certified individuals who are experts in AWS.

Naturally, that brings more efficiency and success in your projects.


Along with experience, you need to determine the experience for AWS consulting jobs. A company with years of experience like Alpacked will know AWS inside-out. The team knows what works and what doesn’t, and can suggest the best strategies for your needs.


Choose an AWS partner according to the services you need. Leading companies offer a range of AWS services like migration, management, and security. Some even provide software solutions. For instance, if you work with Alpacked, you can avail all services needed to manage your business on the cloud.

Look for a partner who will be able to handle all your responsibilities.


The next thing to determine is the reputation of the company. So, check out the past clients and their feedback. Browse some past projects and read a few case studies. See how many clients the company has.

As for Alpacked, you can see it has worked with top names. It’s an AWS partner and also recognized by Shopify and Digital Ocean. Surely, that tells a lot about how reputable Alpacked is.

Final Thoughts

AWS is the most-preferred cloud infrastructure in modern times. It’s full of features and comes with all the services you need. Plus, you can take advantage of a wide network of established partners.

Whether you want to migrate to AWS or improve your infrastructure, always choose a reliable partner. Work with an agency like Alpacked that will increase your productivity and efficiency. Working with a reputed partner also improves your bottom line and customer satisfaction.