How old is Chompoo Araya?

How old is Chompoo Araya?

40 years (June 28, 1981)
Araya A. Hargate/Age

Araya Alberta Hargate (Thai: อารยา อัลเบอร์ตา ฮาร์เกท; born June 28, 1981), better known as Araya A. Hargate (Thai: อารยา เอ ฮาร์เกท) or Chompoo (Thai: ชมพู่; RTGS: Chomphu), is a Thai actress, model, host, TV personality and cover girl of British descent.

Who is Chompoo Araya husband?

Witsarut Rangsisingpipatm. 2015
Araya A. Hargate/Husband

How tall is Chompoo Araya?

1.71 m
Araya A. Hargate/Height

Who is Nott Visrut Rangsisingpipat?

Nott Witsarut – Born to hold a spoon of gold Billionaire Nott Witsarut, whose full name is Nott Visrut Rangsisingpipat. He comes from a family that is not trivial. It is known that Nott was born with a “golden spoon”. He is the heir to the largest lighting company in Thailand.

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Who is Araya Hargate and who is Chompoo?

Araya Alberta Hargate, nicknamed Chompoo, is a very famous British-Thai-Lao actress, model, host, TV personality, and a cover girl born in Thailand to a British father and a Thai-Lao mother. In 2015, Araya married Witsarut Rungsisingpipat (Nott), her boyfriend for six years who are the heir to a business fortune.

Who is Chompoo and what is her real name?

Chompoo is a very famous superstar in Thailand. Her real name is Araya Alberta Hargate. She was born in 28 June 1981 in Thailand. She is a British-Thai national that is, her father is British and her mother is Thai.

Who is Araya Hargate and what is her real name?

Araya A. Hargate. Araya A. Hargate (Nickname: Chompoo) is a very famous Thai actress, model, host, TV personality and cover girl. Her real name is Araya Alberta Hargate.

What does Chompoo in morlum summer mean?

Today, she is known by her nickname Chompoo which means ‘pink’ in Thai which is also her favorite color. She is an accomplished and versatile actress who was in numerous Thai lakorns as ‘Morlum Summer’. Her role models are Thai actors like Chatchai Plengpanich and Lalita Panyopas.