How negative can an Octopus Card go?

How negative can an Octopus Card go?

If the value on your Octopus is positive (HK$0.10 or above) but insufficient to cover the full amount of the transaction, you can still complete the transaction by incurring a negative value of up to HK$35* on a single occasion which will be automatically recovered when your Octopus is next reloaded.

How much do you put on an Octopus Card?

On-Loan Octopus Card

Type Price
Adult HK$150 = Deposit $50 + Initial stored value $100
Child (3-11) HK$70 = Deposit $50 + Initial stored value $20
Elder HK$70 = Deposit $50 + Initial stored value $20

Can I use Octopus Card in Shenzhen?

This card can be used at all designated transport and retail service providers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

What is the maximum amount Octopus Card?

The Octopus Card stored value limit will automatically increase from HK$1,000 to HK$3,000 starting from the coming Thursday. Users – who upgrade their limit to HK$3,000 – can make payment up to $3,000 for each transaction at over 30,000 retail outlets.

Can you take money out of Octopus card?

We only process the refund of the remaining value on the e-purse issued by Octopus. You can obtain an on-the-spot refund of your remaining value on the Octopus e-purse at any MTR Customer Service Centre through either one of the following methods: Reload to the Octopus on Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Huawei Pay. Cash.

What is on loan Octopus?

An On-Loan Octopus is an Octopus lent to the user by Octopus Cards Limited that requires a refundable deposit of HK$50 and has an initial stored value (the amount varies subject to card type). A Sold Octopus requires no deposit and has no initial stored value (unless otherwise specified).

Can you use Octopus Card in China?

Hong Kong’s Octopus transit card is set to be rolled out across mainland China, offering users the means to pay for travel with one card in hundreds of cities. That will enable Octopus physical-card holders to pay for public transport fares in mainland China,” Octopus Chief executive Angus Lee Chun-ming told the Post.

How do I use the Octopus card in Hong Kong?

Place your physical Octopus card, iPhone or Apple Watch, or Huawei mobile device steadily over an Octopus reader, hold and wait until you hear a “Dood” sound and see an indication that the transaction is completed (the remaining value shown on the screen) before removing your physical Octopus card, iPhone or Apple …

How long does Octopus card last?

Your Octopus is issued to you for your regular use. If your On-Loan Adult Octopus is issued on or after 1 October 2017, and has not had any add value or payment transaction for three years, it will become an Inactive Octopus and you may have to pay the Inactive Octopus Administrative Fee.

How does the Octopus card work?

You wave the card over readers as you walk on and off transport. The machines on the MTR subway will calculate your fare and deduct the correct amount. In addition to the metro and public buses, the Octopus card can also be used to travel on ferries, light rail, trams, and even taxis.

How do I transfer money from Octopus to my bank account?

Please follow the steps below(you must have Octopus Wallet Plus or Pro):

  1. Tap “Faster Payment System” in main menu.
  2. Tap “P2P”.
  3. Under “Contacts”, select recipient to pay.
  4. Input amount, select Default Account or other bank/e-wallet of the recipient, tap “Send”.
  5. Confirm the payment.
  6. Payment is completed.

How much does a Hong Kong Octopus card cost?

It has an upfront cost of 150 Hong Kong dollars ($19). However, HK$100 is stored on the card for you to use immediately, and the remaining HK$50 is a refundable deposit. Upon leaving Hong Kong, the full deposit along with any remaining balance will be returned to you.

Is there an Octopus card for Standard Chartered?

In April 2016 Octopus Holdings announced that it is to launch an app enabling peer-to-peer payment through Octopus Cards for customers holding a deposit account with Standard Chartered Bank.

How old do you have to be to use the octopus in Hong Kong?

It is estimated that 95% of the population age 16 to 65 use it, to locals, the Octopus is a way of life, and it is definitely the way to go when getting around Hong Kong. Who needs an Octopus Card? Each person needs to have his or her own card when using it for transportation where individual tickets must be purchased.

What kind of Octopus card do you use in Macau?

Shenzhen Tong cards are now widely used in Shenzhen instead, and a combined Shenzhen Tong – Hong Kong Octopus card is available, called the Hu Tong Xing, with RMB & HKD in different purses. The Macau Pass is now widely used in Macau.