How much should it cost to replace a gas valve on a furnace?

How much should it cost to replace a gas valve on a furnace?

A furnace gas valve costs anywhere from $200 to $600 to replace. This part allows natural gas or propane to flow to your unit.

What causes furnace gas valve failure?

The valve itself may have simply worn out or may be damaged due to basement seepage or submersion. Alternately, one of the electronic gas ignition components or a glitch in the safety circuit may be to blame. If your furnace has a standing pilot light, the thermocouple could be worn out.

How much does it cost to replace a furnace gas valve?

$350 – $595, Installed Replacement of your furnace gas valve cost between $350 to $595 installed by an HVAC company near you. DIY gas valve replacement cost around $65 buying the part online and replacing it yourself.

What causes gas valve failure?

Can a furnace gas valve get stuck open?

Yes. Unfortunately, the time when a part is most likely to fail is when it’s new, right out of the box. Hard to believe that could happen! Furnace gas valves have two redundant gas valves that BOTH have to open to allow gas to flow, just to prevent the kind of problem you describe.

How much does gas valve cost for Goodman furnace?

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How long do furnace gas valves last?

While some furnaces can last over 40 years (extremely rare), the average lifespan of a typical gas furnace is around 15-30 years.

Where is the gas control valve on a furnace?

Take out the bolts in the service panel on the side of the furnace using a nut driver. Locate the gas valve, which is typically near the bottom of the unit, positioned next to the pilot light.

How do you replace a gas furnace valve?

Locate the gas control knob and turn it off. Find the gas control valve and switch it off as well. It prevents gas from leaking while replacing the old gas control valve. Do not proceed until the room is clear of gas, if there is a strong smell of gas in the house then call a plumber to correct the problem.

What is a furnace gas valve?

Furnace gas valves are wired to an electronic component known as a solenoid, which receives signals from the thermostat control. This causes the gas valve to widen or narrow in front of the pilot light to respond to changes in building temperature. For example, if the temperature in your house falls below the setting on the thermostat, such as