How much is the CIA annual budget?

How much is the CIA annual budget?

CIA’s HUMINT budget is $2.3 billion, the SIGINT budget is $1.7 billion, and spending for security and logistics of CIA missions is $2.5 billion.

Where does CIA budget come from?

Even the simple total of CIA expenditures, estimated now at $750 million,4 is kept from the public. In addition, Congress as a whole makes no appropriation to the CIA; the agency’s funds are covertly transferred from the appropriations made to other gov- ernmental units.

What is the budget for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence?

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is disclosing the aggregate amount of $62.3 billion in requested appropriations for the Fiscal Year 2022 National Intelligence Program (NIP).

How much is the FBI budget?

In President Biden’s budget request, there is an overall decrease in the FBI’s total budget ($10.276 billion compared to $10.494 billion in the fiscal 2021 enacted level), which “is due to construction funding and the COVID-19 supplemental funding,” the FBI told Government Executive in a statement.

How much is NSA budget?

National Security Agency

Agency overview
Annual budget Classified (estimated $10.8 billion, 2013)
Agency executives General Paul M. Nakasone, U.S. Army, Director George C. Barnes, Deputy Director
Parent agency Department of Defense

Who approves CIA budget?

The U.S. Congress
The U.S. Congress derives its oversight powers of the intelligence budget from Article I, Section 9, paragraph 7, of the U.S. Constitution that states, “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law.” Congress’s authorization and appropriation functions consist of approving …

What is the difference between NIP and MIP?

A program is primarily NIP if it funds an activity that supports more than one department or agency, or provides a service of common concern for the IC. A program is primarily MIP if it funds an activity that addresses tactical or operational-level requirements specific to the DOD.

What is NASA’s budget for 2021?

$23.3 billion
NASA’s budget for fiscal year (FY) 2021 is $23.3 billion. This represents a 3% increase over the previous year’s amount. It was passed by Congress on 21 December 2020—nearly three months into the fiscal year.

How much money does the US government spend on intelligence?

Fiscal Year NIP Budget Requested Total Appropriated
2019 $59.9 $81.7
2018 $57.7 $81.5
2017 $54.9 $73.0

What is the 2016 federal budget?

2016 United States federal budget

Submitted February 2, 2015
Total revenue $3.525 trillion (requested) $3.268 trillion (actual) 17.8% of GDP
Total expenditures $3.999 trillion (requested) $3.853 trillion (actual) 20.9% of GDP
Deficit $474 billion (requested) $585 billion (actual) 3.2% of GDP
Debt $19.57 trillion (actual)

What is the CIA budget?

Central Intelligence Agency budget$15 billion (As of 2013)

Does Congress fund the CIA?

, worked at Corporate and Government Experience. The CIA is part of the funding Congress gives to intelligence each year. They submit a budget, there is a little back and forth in a closed door hearing, sometimes there is a bit of competition for resources.

How is the CIA funded?

Like every federal agency the CIA is funded by Congressional appropriation. Part of the federal budget is classified so the specific amount of CIA and some other intelligence agencies is not public information.