How much is average child support in NC?

How much is average child support in NC?

Deviating From the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines There is also generally a minimum support obligation for parents with low incomes. When a parent obliged to pay child support makes less than $1,108 per month (as of January 1, 2019), the guidelines require a minimum support order of $50 per month.

What’s the percentage of child support in NC?

When it comes to child support, it is only the non-custodial parent’s income that is taken into consideration. The average percentage of this parent’s income dedicated to child support is 25% percent per child.

How many overnights is joint custody in NC?

122 overnights
That’s before dividing up parenting time because joint custody in North Carolina doesn’t necessarily mean 50-50 or equal custody makes child support with joint custody even more complicated. In fact, only one-third of the year needs to be spent with one parent (122 overnights) for it to be considered joint custody.

Does child support count as income?

If you receive child support, you don’t include the amount in your taxable income. You also can’t count child support as earned income to qualify you for the Earned Income Credit.

What is an extraordinary expense child support NC?

“extraordinary child-related expenses (including (1) expenses related to special or private elementary or secondary schools to meet a child’s particular education needs, and (2) expenses for transporting the child between the parent’s homes) may be added to the basic child support obligation and ordered paid by the …

How do they figure child support in WV?

The amount of support depends on several factors: the number of children, the amount of time the child(ren) spends with each parent, the gross income of both parents, the specific expenses involved in raising the child(ren), other child(ren) of both parents, and other extenuating circumstances.

Is NC A Mom state?

Under North Carolina law, you have those rights as a father. In fact, unless you voluntary give them up, or a court orders otherwise, your rights as a parent are equal to those of the mother.

At what age in NC can a child decide which parent to live with?

age 18
​There is no magic age number when a child can decide who to live with under North Carolina law. When a child turns age 18 and becomes an adult they can choose to live wherever they want, but before then a judge can dictate where that child must live.