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How much is a large popcorn at Malco?

How much is a large popcorn at Malco?

Malco Popcorn

Malco 3 Pack Popcorn Price: $12.00 Qty:
Malco 12 Pack Popcorn Price: $45.00 Qty:
Malco 12 Pack Popcorn. Delivered Fresh to your door. Guaranteed Fresh and Delicious. Price includes shipping and handling costs.
Malco 24 Pack Popcorn Price: $50.00 Qty:

What does MXT Atmos mean?

MXT – Malco Extreme Theatre In three of Malco’s theaters, the Powerhouse Cinema Grill, Owensboro Cinema Grill and the Renaissance Cinema Grill, you will find MXT. Malco Extreme Theatre. . The giant screen and booming sound system is generally considered to be the gold standard of theatrical film viewing experience.

How much does movie popcorn cost?

Regal Concession Prices

Food Cost
Popcorn (Small) $6.00 – $6.50
Popcorn (Medium) $7.00 – $7.50
Popcorn (Large) $8.00 – $8.50
Caramel Popcorn $6.50

Is MXT better than IMAX?

The big difference was the sound, where MXT has the advantage. In keeping with their goals of creating an immersive experience, IMAX is configured to maximize the subwoofer boom effect. Rattling the chest makes those big explosions feel more visceral.

Where are the Malco Theatres in Kentucky located?

Kentucky – Owensboro (Owensboro Cinema) and Winchester (Winchester Cinema) All of these Malco Theatres are equipped with the latest audio-video film technology. If you are a technology buff, you will certainly appreciate the superior movie experience provided by the Dolby systems.

Where are Malco Theatres in Collierville TN located?

Collierville , TN Collierville Cinema Grill & MXT Germantown , TN Forest Hill Cinema Grill Southaven , MS Desoto Cinema Grill Olive Branch , MS Olive Branch Cinema Grill Tennessee Smyrna , TN Smyrna Cinema Mississippi Southaven , MS Desoto Cinema Grill Olive Branch , MS Olive Branch Cinema Grill Columbus , MS Columbus Cinema Corinth , MS

How much does a Malco popcorn voucher cost?

Malco Concession Vouchers – Same deal as above. $450 will get you 50 tickets which are each valid for a popcorn and drink combo, with unlimited refills on both! Concession vouchers are valid at any location, at any time. And the best thing about them is they never expire!

How long has Malco Theatres been in business?

Malco Theatres, Inc. was founded over a hundred years ago, which makes it a fourth generation, family-owned and operated business. Here are the list of Malco ticket prices: