How much horsepower does a DT 466 have?

How much horsepower does a DT 466 have?

International DT466 Specs

Manufacturer Navistar International *
Engine Weight 1,425+ lbs
B50 Life 550,000 miles
Horsepower Up to 300hp @ 2,200 rpm
Torque (lb-ft) Up to 860 lb-ft @ 1,300 rpm

Is the DT466 a good engine?

DT466 engines were surely one of the BEST ever in medium duty sized trucks. Mechanical engines,very reliable. The Navistar people that took that engine design with them on the breakup of IHC years ago, very smart. At the age that one would be today if you find a good one it will be good .

What type of engine is a DT466?

The International DT466 engine is a 7.6-liter truck engine used in school buses, farm equipment, dump trucks and construction equipment. It also is utilized in the International CXT, a pickup truck built on the International 20-ton hauler platform.

What is the most reliable diesel engine of all time?

7.3L Powerstroke
The 7.3L Powerstroke is still considered one of the most reliable diesel engines ever made. It also has plenty of power for most applications, with 500 pound-feet of torque and 235 horsepower.

What is the best year for DT466?

DT466, #1 and no competition. The BEST years were 1988-1993 and 1994-2002 being second.

What does the DT stand for in DT466?

It included the D312 (4.410-in stroke) and the D (Diesel, naturally aspirated) and DT (Diesel, Turbo) 360 (5.085-in stroke) diesels. The 400 line shared a 4.30-in bore and included the D and DT414 (4.75-in stroke), D and DT436 (5.00-in stroke) and the D and DT466 (5.35-in stroke).

How many miles will a DT466 go?

the average 466 will run 450 – 550k befor needing a rebuild @ about $7k. however, the injection pump which is mechanical is very expensive to have rebuilt or replaced. and they usually don’t last as long as the engine.

What is the longest lasting diesel engine?

What is the Most Reliable Diesel Engine Ever? The most reliable diesel engine ever made was the 5.9L Cummins 12-Valve 6BT. The 5.9L 12-Valve has million-mile durability. It came factory with a 230hp, 440lb/ft of torque and an inline P7100 injection pump.

When did the DT466 go electronic?

The DT466 was available up until 1997, when it was replaced by the DT466E. By 1995, the DT360 and DT408 were discontinued. As a matter of fact, the DT466E has yet again be renamed. It is again known as the DT466 (and the 530E is known as the 530 again), even though they are both electronic diesel engines.

How many miles is a DT466 good for?

Most needed work between 450K and 500K miles.

What are some specs for an International DT466 engine?

Specifications of a International DT 466 Engine Engine Design. The DT466 is a turbocharged diesel. Power Ratings. There are six versions of the International DT466 engine as of 2010. Life Cycle. According to Brattain, International represents that the B10 life of the engine, or the point where 90% of DT466 engines are still running, is 300,000 miles.

What is a 466 international engine?

Specifications of a International DT 466 Engine. The International DT466 engine is a 7.6-liter truck engine used in school buses, farm equipment, dump trucks and construction equipment.

What is a DT engine?

The Navistar DT engine family is a line of mid-range inline-6 diesel engines. With horsepower ratings ranging from 170 hp (130 kW) to 350 hp (260 kW), the Navistar DT engines are used primarily in medium-duty truck and bus applications such as school buses, although some versions have been developed for heavy-duty…

What is Cummins turbo diesel?

Used Cummins Turbo Diesel. The B Series diesel by Cummins is the most successful diesel engine ever built. Straight 6 power is put forth in these 350 horsepower engines. One of the many things that Dodge has done right for the last 20 years is depend on diesel engines to power their medium-duty line of pickup trucks.