How much horsepower can a Shovelhead make?

How much horsepower can a Shovelhead make?

Power. Early 80-inch/FLH Shovelheads produced a maximum 66 horsepower at 5,600 rpm. From 1970 to 1984, maximum horsepower dipped slightly to 62, peaking at 5,400 rpm. Horsepower dipped to 60 in 1978 to 1980 models, climbing to 65 in 1981 through 1984 versions.

How many cc’s is a Shovelhead?

Engine and Performance Produced only for 1977, 1978 and 1979, the Low Rider features a 74 cubic-inch, or 1,206 cc, four-stroke, 45-degree, air-cooled, V-Twin engine delivering 58 horsepower at 5,150 rpm with a top speed of 105.6 mph. In 1980, the Sturgis became the new kid on the block with its 80 cubic-inch motor.

How much compression should a Shovelhead have?

Your compression is fine. The factory shop book calls for anything over 90psi with not more than 30psi beetween the two cyliders.

How heavy is a Shovelhead motor?

Figure on about 600 pounds. Seat height and seat width are a major consideration, even more than weight.

What was the last year of the Harley-Davidson Shovelhead?

The Shovelhead engine is a motorcycle engine that was produced by Harley-Davidson from 1966 to 1984, built as a successor to the previous Panhead engine.

Are Shovelheads rare?

What is the most collectable Harley-Davidson Shovelhead? The most rare H-D Shovel and therefore the most collectable is the 1981 FXS Low Rider limited edition. Just 14 were made for the 13 executives that bought the company back from AMF plus one for John Davidson.

How long do Shovelheads last?

Numerous Harley technicians even stated that without necessary top-end modifications, the motors would often last only between 500 and 5,000 miles.

Why do Shovelheads leak oil?

Oil Leaks. Oil leaks, or the “Shovelhead Drip,” have been plaguing Shovelhead owners for decades. The culprits can include worn head gaskets, the valve cover on top of the engine or the oil pump. According to Shovelhead USa, both the primary and chain oilers can be plugged without harming the motorcycle.

Do Shovelheads run hot?

History. The Shovelhead engine was created as the previous Panhead engine was becoming obsolete, with many Harley-Davidson owners demanding more power to compete with the more modern motorcycles. The engines had only 10 fins for cooling, which caused them to run hot.

How much does a Shovelhead weigh?

Can a Shovelhead engine run on an Evo?

As a favor to the Shovelhead fans that frequent the Nightrider Performance Site, the original text and drawings are being presented. Changes used in the current Shovelhead engine build are also noted. With modification like this, it is quite possible for a Shovelhead engine to run with the EVO and Twin Cam engines.

How is the breather port on a Shovelhead engine modified?

12 The breather port was modified for much better breathing. 13 Once the motor was built, it was tuned on this slick engine stand. I’ve seen some funny and some not so funny things while working in and around the V-twin industry.

What kind of engine is in Shovelhead self destruction?

The engine featured in this story is decidedly unfunny, but once a person whose knowledgeable of things mechanical views the images of the engine “pre-rebirth,” they for some strange reason elicit grins and giggles.

Is the quality of Shovelhead headworks good?

But build quality was not always what it should have been. And there were built-in weaknesses that need to be corrected if you’re going to enjoy riding your Shovel to the max.