How much does USPS certified mail cost?

How much does USPS certified mail cost?

How much does USPS certified mail cost? USPS certified mail costs $3.55, in the addition to the postage needed to mail your item. If you want to add a return receipt, that is an additional $2.85 for a mail receipt or $1.70 for email.

What is the certified mail fee for 2021?

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Post Office/Retail Rates Rates
Special Services 2021 Postage Rates 2020 Postage Rates*
Certified Mail™ $3.75 $3.55
Certificate of Mailing $1.55 $1.50
Registered Mail™ $13.75 and up $12.60 and up

What is the best way to mail important documents?

What is the Best Way to Ship Documents?

  1. Use Certified Mail for the Absolute Cheapest Way to Send a Few Documents.
  2. Use the Priority Mail Legal Flat Rate Envelope for Shipping a Stack of Heavier Documents.
  3. For the Fastest Service, Use the Priority Mail Express Legal Flat Rate Envelope.

Which is safer certified or registered mail?

Important documents and valuables are usually sent through registered mail because it is more secure than certified mail. 6. Registered mail is insured, while you have to pay an additional amount to insure certified mail.

Are Post Office prices going up?

USPS will raise rates for regular, First-Class mail by 6.8% and for package services by 8.8%. A standard stamp will go from $0.55 to $0.58. “Even with the rate increases, Postal Service prices will remain among the world’s most affordable.”

How much does it cost to send a certified letter?

The 2019 rates for certified mail through the USPS vary depending on the type of package, the size, the weight and the specific types of services that you choose. The certified mail fee is between $3.45-$3.50 . A charge of $.80 is assessed for Electronic Delivery Confirmation Receipt if you choose this option.

How do you calculate certified mail?

Access the United States Postal Service website. Click on the “All Products & Services,” “Prices” and “Calculate Postage” links. Click the “Calculate Domestic Postage” option. Fill out the “Postage Price Calculator” by providing the destination of the package, the zip code, the mailing date of the package,…

How much does a certificate of mailing cost?

The United State Postal Service offers a certificate of mailing when you send mail with any of the following services: How much does a certificate of mailing cost? In 2019, a certificate of mailing costs a flat fee of $1.45. In 2020, this fee will increase to $1.50. You can only purchase a certificate of mailing from USPS at the time of mailing.

What is the US postage rate for a letter?

USPS Mail Class (effective Sunday, January 24, 2021) Postage Rates; First Class Mail Letter (1 oz.) – Retail/Post Office Rate* $0.55: First Class Mail Letter (1 oz.) – Metered Mail/ Rate