How much does a miraDry session cost?

How much does a miraDry session cost?

That’s why we can tell you that when it comes to the average cost of miraDry treatments, you can expect the cost of a miraDry treatment to be anywhere between $1,500 to $4,500.

Can I use my HSA for miraDry?

Is miraDry covered by insurance? Though it is FDA approved, the miraDry procedure is not covered by insurance. However, some medical pre-tax accounts such as HSA and FSA plans may allow for tax free reimbursement.

Why do I still smell after miraDry?

Sometimes, after miraDry®, your sweat glands can purge themselves and temporarily produce an odor for a few days up to around 2 weeks. This does not mean the procedure wasn’t effective, and it will resolve! If this happens, you can start using deodorant or antiperspirant again.

Does miraDry stop hair growth?

Now FDA-approved to prevent underarm hair growth as well as sweating, miraDry/miraSmooth uses precisely targeted microwaves to heat and destroy hair follicles, sweat glands, and the glands that cause body odor (really just a different type of sweat gland).

Do most people need 2 miraDry treatments?

How many treatments will I need? Most patients will see the best results with one or two treatment sessions, spaced approximately three months apart. A small number of patients may need a third treatment session, but this is rare.

Does miraDry get rid of odor?

Using electromagnetic energy, miraDry® dramatically decreases underarm odor and sweat. This technology works by noninvasively removing the glands that lead to excessive sweating and odor.

Does miraDry stop Bo?

MiraDry permanently eliminates underarm sweat and body odor. Many patients experience the full benefits of miraDry from a single treatment, but we suggest undergoing two treatments spaced three months apart to ensure maximum results.

Do you wear deodorant after miraDry?

Can I Use Deodorant After Miradry? If you want to start applying deodorant, with or without antiperspirant, you can start doing so within 2-3 days after the procedure. However, avoid applying deodorant over any open skin (like a blister or a shaving nick).