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How much does a Jewish tombstone cost?

How much does a Jewish tombstone cost?

Prices for single or individual bevel markers generally range from $950.00 to $1,400.00. Companion or double bevel markers usually cost between $1,400.00 – $1,900.00. Learn how to purchase a memorial monument with Hebrew inscriptions on the City Monument Company website or by calling 305-594-4628.

What are some Jewish monuments?

Top 25 Judaism monuments

  • El Ghriba synagogue. Tunisia.
  • Temple Mount. Palestine.
  • Dome of the Rock. Palestine.
  • Dura-Europos synagogue. Syria.
  • Tomb of the Prophets Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi. Palestine.
  • Beth Alpha synagogue. Israel.
  • Sidon Synagogue. Lebanon.
  • Western Wall (Wailing Wall) Palestine.

What is a Jewish headstone?

The custom of placing a monument over the grave of a departed person is a very ancient Jewish tradition. The Book of Genesis, for example, records that Jacob erected a tombstone (Matzevah) over the grave of his wife Rachel. It is also a way of remembering and honoring the memory of the person who has died.

How much is a black granite headstone?

Single upright monuments prices start at $1,950.00 and double upright monument prices start at $2,500.00.

What is the average price of headstones?

The average cost of a standard flat headstone is around $1,000. But more detailed, upright headstones can cost between $1,000 and $3,000, as you’ll see with this granite headstone and another at a higher price point.

Which side is the wife buried on?

Typically, the husband is buried on the left, whereas the wife should be on the right, as you’re standing at their feet. The position isn’t ordinary, and it’s the same that couples have while they’re getting married.

Who are the experts in Jewish headstones?

Our team members are experts in Hebrew and Jewish headstone tradition. We are ready to guide and assist you with Hebrew names, dates, emblems and traditional Jewish headstone epitaphs. When ordering a headstone from Jewish Monuments com you can be assured that you will be creating a befitting and accurate Jewish Headstone. Excellence.

Are there monuments in Washington DC and Maryland?

Some cemeteries in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia require flat bronze memorials and headstones instead of upright granite monuments. View our galleries to learn more about different options available.

Are there Jewish cemeteries in the United States?

Browse our Bronze Memorial gallery> _____ Our team at ​ Jewish Monuments .com ™ has been specializing in Jewish cemetery monuments and tombstones for the Greater New York, New Jersey and Israel monument industry for decades with honesty and integrity. We have also installed headstones and memorials throughout the USA.

Is there a FRAM monument in Washington DC?

In order to better serve you, Fram Monument Company has multiple showroom locations for you to choose from, covering residents of Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. Please choose from your closest location, so that we can appropriately serve you.