How much do you win on VA Lottery Pick 4?

How much do you win on VA Lottery Pick 4?

Many different prizes plus a new way to win!

Play Type and Example Prize Chances
4-Way (costs $4) $5,000 1 in 2,500
6-Way (costs $6) $5,000 1 in 1,666.7
12-Way (costs $12) $5,000 1 in 833.3
24-Way (costs $24) $5,000 1 in 416.7

How does Pick 4 work in VA?

Pick 4 of the Virginia Lottery is drawn twice a day. The Jackpot amount starts at $5000, but how much you win depends on your chosen playstyle, your wager amount, and FIREBALL. You win the jackpot when your ticket matches the winning draw numbers in exact order.

What was the pick 4 daytime in Virginia?

Latest Numbers

Date Result
Tuesday, Oct 19, 2021 7 0 4 2 2 FB
Monday, Oct 18, 2021 3 2 2 6 6 FB
Sunday, Oct 17, 2021 4 5 7 0 3 FB
Saturday, Oct 16, 2021 3 0 4 9 4 FB

How do you win Pick 4 VA?

Choose any four-digit number from 0000 to 9999. Choose the bet amount for Pick 4 from $1 or $. 50. You have two chances to win every day as the drawings for Pick 4 is held twice a day.

What was the Pick 4 daytime in Virginia?

How much is cash 4 straight box?

Box (Any Order) – Match all four numbers in ANY order as drawn. Straight/Box – Split your $1 wager into two! Put 50¢ on exact order and 50¢ for any order. Combo – Cover all your bases and match any combinations of your numbers.

How much does daily 4 payout?

You win the jackpot when your ticket matches the winning draw numbers in exact order. The different playstyles include Exact Order, Any Order, 50/50, Combo, Pairs….BOOST!

Exact Order Play $5,000* 1 in 10,002
4-way any order $1,200* 1 in 2,500
6-way any order $800* 1 in 1,666.7

How do you win Pick 4?

Ways To Win. The Pick 4 top prize is won by matching all 4 winning numbers in the exact order drawn. Additional prizes can be won based on play type. (See Prizes & Odds chart for details.) The numbers you select determine the ways to win. 4-Way: set of numbers with 3 like digits + 1 unique digit.

What are the results of the Virginia Lottery?

All profits from Virginia Lottery ticket sales go to K-12 public education. In Fiscal Year 2018, the Lottery’s profits totaled more than $606 million, accounting for approximately 9 percent of school funding in Virginia. That brought total Lottery profits in Virginia (from 1989 to June 2017) to more than $11 billion.

What was the Pick 4 lottery?

Pick 4 is a four-digit game from the South Carolina Education Lottery. Pick 4 drawings are held every evening at 6:59 and aired live on local television stations. Midday drawings are not televised and are held Monday through Saturday afternoons at 12:59. No midday drawings are held on Sundays or on Christmas Day.

What are the rules for Mega Millions lottery?

The official rules of the Mega Millions say that players must choose 5 main numbers from a guess range of 1-70, as well as an additional number, which is called a Mega Ball. This one must be chosen from a guess range of 1-25. As such, each line played in the Mega Millions must feature five main numbers and one Mega Ball.