How much do driving lessons cost in Manchester?

How much do driving lessons cost in Manchester?

Prices in Manchester

Beginners Deals (No previous driving experience) Price
30 Hours of Driving Lessons (£25 per hour) £750
35 Hours of Driving Lessons (£25 per hour) £875
Intensive Course Prices (2-4 weeks) Price
Pass N 10 (10 Hours & Practical test fee incl.) £379

How do I find a good driving instructor?

How to choose a driving instructor

  1. Ask around. The best way to find the right driving instructor is to go by recommendation.
  2. Check the qualifications.
  3. Get a feel for their approach.
  4. Ask for their advice.
  5. Don’t jump at the cheapest.
  6. Don’t forget to ask about the practicalities.

How do I become a driving instructor in Manchester?

To train up to become a driving instructor you must pass 3 tests:

  1. Part 1 – A Theory Question and Hazard Perception Test. Preparation is via self study with a DVSA Driving Instructor Theory CD Rom and Hazard Perception CD Rom.
  2. Part 2 – An Advanced Driving Test.
  3. Part 3 – A Test of Instructional Ability.

Can I do my driving lesson in my own car?

Technically, yes. You can use your own car for lessons, and even for the practical driving test, so long as it meets the correct requirements.

Do you have to pass theory before driving lessons?

Provided you have a valid provisional driving licence you can start your driving lessons before you take your theory test. Once you had passed your theory test your instructor could book your driving test and schedule the remaining part of your driving lessons.

How much does it cost to be a driving instructor UK?

You have to pay a fee to join the ADI register, get a trainee licence and renew your registration every 4 years….ADI registration and licence fees.

Fee type Cost
First ADI certificate (or ‘badge’) £300
Trainee driving instructor licence £140
Renewal or re-registration £300

Are male or female driving instructors better?

For example Male drivers are better than women, therefore male driving instructors are better at teaching. Research has shown Male drivers are 6 times more likely to be banned from driving after passing their driving test than females are. Finding the right driving instructor.