How many locations does produce junction have?

How many locations does produce junction have?

19 locations
Produce Junction has 19 locations spread throughout Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware. For more information about store locations, street addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation you can visit and click on the ‘Locations’ tab.

Does Produce Junction have corn stalks?

We have pumpkins, mums, straw bales, corn stalks and more!!

Does Produce Junction have pumpkins?

Produce Junction is in Colmar, Pennsylvania. Loving the autumn vibe. Know that’s it Fall when you see the glorious pumpkins and mums at the Junction.

Where does produce junction food come from?

Produce Junction’s lower prices are a reflection of its ability to buy in large quantities. Fruits, vegetables and flowers from a variety of sources are shipped to the main company warehouse in Swedesboro, New Jersey, then distributed by truck to the 19 stores.

How do you shop at a Produce Junction?

Tips on Shopping at Produce Junction Collegeville PA (and Beyond)

  1. Go with the flow. You will need to pay for your vegetables and herbs at one counter.
  2. Bring reusable shopping bags for your convenience.
  3. Bring a cooler for berries and other delicate fruits.
  4. Call ahead for bulk.
  5. Expect that parking can be very hit or miss.

Does Produce Junction have plants?

Cheap, easy-to-plant flowers make me happy. To get our gardens geared up for summer, we picked out some of our favorite Produce Junction flowers last week.

Where is Produce Junction in Stanton, NJ?

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Where is Produce Junction in Dover, Delaware?

Produce Junction. Delaware. Dover. 1350 N. Dupont Highway, Dover, DE 19901. (302) 674-3080 / (302) 674-3573 (fax) Mon – Fri 8:00am – 6:00pm. Sat 8:00am – 6:00pm. Sun 8:00am – 5:00pm. Get Directions.

Is the Produce Junction a good farmers market?

Start your review of Produce Junction. I love me a good farmers market and produce junction is the place for me, I always go there and I love it. Hey have a great selection of fruits, veggies and flowers and the price is honestly a good bargain! This is probably the largest Produce Junction I have shopped at.

How many produce junction stores are there in the US?

Due to limited availability and varied inventory between stores, Produce Junction may not be able to guarantee the above pricing at all 19 locations.