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How many locations does Goodlife Fitness have?

How many locations does Goodlife Fitness have?

60 Locations *Brands operate as separate businesses. Club access is based on the brand(s) you have a Membership with.

How many locations does Goodlife Fitness have in Canada?

Goodlife Fitness Centres Inc. is the largest health club company in Canada with over 450 locations across the country, under the banner of four brands.

Can I bring a guest to goodlife Canada?

Visitor must be of the age of majority in the province in which the Club is located (unless accompanied by their parent or legal guardian). Visitors will also be required to abide by the provincial requirements, if any, in place at the time, in order to access our Clubs.

Who is GoodLife owned by?

David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans
David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans is the founder and CEO of GoodLife Fitness, Canada’s largest fitness club chain, fourth largest in the world and largest owned by a single owner.

Who owns GoodLife gym?

Fitness & Lifestyle Group
Goodlife is 100% owned by Fitness & Lifestyle Group, with a club network comprised entirely of company-owned gyms.

What happened to Spa Lady?

CALGARY, DECEMBER 5, 2019 – The parent company of World Health and Spa Lady, International Fitness Holdings Inc., today unveiled their rebrand to GYMVMT (pronounced Gym Movement) and HER GYMVMT (Her Gym Movement) in a bold transformation that consolidates the two brands to provide Albertans with more flexibility and …

Is GoodLife a public company?

“Over the years they’ve had plenty of offers and opportunities to take on investors, but he’s decided to keep it privately held,” explains Chris Dowding, a Deloitte partner who works with GoodLife as part of the Best Managed Companies program.

How much does a general manager at GoodLife make?

How much does a General Manager make at GoodLife Fitness Clubs in Canada? Average GoodLife Fitness Clubs General Manager yearly pay in Canada is approximately $53,831, which is 11% below the national average.

Can you go to GoodLife without a membership?

Can I try Goodlife for free? Yes, we offer a free introductory pass which includes access to all gym equipment and classes during staff hours, limited to one Free Pass per person and valid for first time Goodlife users only.

What does David Patchell Evans own?

Founded in 1979, GoodLife is today one of the country’s most recognizable fitness brands. The privately-held chain is on track to have around 400 clubs across Canada by the end of the year, plus an additional 100 or so under its budget brand Fit4Less.

Who is the CEO of GoodLife Fitness Canada?

At GoodLife Fitness, our mission is to give people across Canada the opportunity to live a fit and healthy life. Our vision is to inspire you to live the good life. Join the GoodLife community, where everyone is on a path to the best possible life. Patch. CEO & Founder of GoodLife Fitness

Where are the GoodLife Fitness centres of Excellence?

The GoodLife Fitness Centre of Excellence in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Medicine is established at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre. GoodLife reaches 300 Clubs. Econofitness launches in Quebec.

How many people are Goodlife members in Canada?

Econofitness launches in Quebec. GoodLife reaches 1 million Members! 1 in 35 people living in Canada are GoodLife Members. GoodLife is named “Best Gym in Canada” by Best Health Magazine readers. Patch is inducted into the Canadian Business Hall of Fame.

What kind of classes are at GoodLife Fitness?

Many of our locations feature Cycling and Yoga Studios, in addition to our regular Exercise Studio. Our Cardio, Strength, Mind & Body and Cycling Classes will get you fit and keep you motivated! DISRUPT.