How many House does Sachin Tendulkar have?

How many House does Sachin Tendulkar have?

Tendulkar and his wife own two real estate properties at prominent locations. One of them is at Perry Cross Road in Bandra west, where the couple moved in 2011. This is a spacious villa of over 6,000 sq ft, which was redeveloped on a plot that earlier housed a dilapidated bungalow, purchased for Rs 39 crores in 2007.

Where does Sachin live now?

Sachin Tendulkar/Places lived

After making and breaking numerous records, Tendulkar retired from international cricket in 2013, post which the Master Blaster has been spending a lot of quality time with his family at his sprawling mansion in Bandra, Mumbai, where he lives with his wife Anjali Tendulkar, daughter Sara Tendulkar, and son Arjun …

Who designed Sachin Tendulkar’s house?

designer David Tay
7 photos of Sachin Tendulkar’s luxurious home in Mumbai The show flat, designed by Singapore-based designer David Tay—is a tasteful display of aesthetics. Sachin Tendulkar — the ‘god of cricket’ — and his wife Anjali made this real estate investment in 2018.

Does Sachin have a house in London?

He has a home in St John’s Wood, the prosperous neighborhood near Lord’s. Effectively: it’s all play for the batsman and no work for the brand team in his absence.

Which cars does Sachin Tendulkar have?

Master Blaster’s garage: Sachin Tendulkar’s car collection

  • A lot of BMWs occupy the garage. Sachin has had a few supercars as well in his collection.
  • Maruti 800. Like most of us, Tendulkar started with a humble 800.
  • Maruti Esteem.
  • Fiat Palio S10.
  • Volvo S80.
  • Audi Q7.
  • Ferrari 360.
  • BMW X5 M50d.

Where is Rohit Sharma house?

Rohit Sharma house address is in Worli at Ahuja Towers, where he lives on the 29th floor.

Where is Shell house of Sachin Tendulkar?

Global brand Mexican architect, Javier Senosian, has designed an organic weird and bizarre shell house for Sachin Tendulkar. The house, shaped like a snail with its snout out of the shell. Tendulkar’s unusual house, built to resemble a shell, is located in Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai.

What car does Sachin Tendulkar drive?

Nissan GT-R Egoist Edition Told you the man knows his cars. Sachin replaced the Ferrari with a GT-R Egoist Edition, an Italian supercar-killer. The Egoist edition was introduced as the “luxury” version of the GT-R. Only 43 were built and this is the only one in the country.

Does Kohli have private jet?

Does Virat Kohli own a private jet? The current Indian captain is the newest amongst the Indian cricketers to own his flying machine. Virat Kohli’s private jet Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign is expected to cost around INR 125 crores.