How many divisions did France have 1939?

How many divisions did France have 1939?

Against Germany’s 100 infantry divisions and six armoured divisions, France had 90 infantry divisions in metropolitan France, Great Britain had 10 infantry divisions, and Poland had 30 infantry divisions, 12 cavalry brigades, and one armoured brigade (Poland had also 30 reserve infantry divisions, but these could not …

How many divisions did France have in 1940?

In May 1940 the French Army embodied 101 infantry divisions (Division d’Infanterie or DI), of which 91 were located in metropolitan France. They were classified by composition as Series A, B or C, and by organization and equipment as Northeast, Fortress or Overseas (i.e. stationed in the colonies).

How many divisions did France have 1936?

It has only twenty divisions of infantry, four of cavalry, one mechanized division, and eventually the five divisions making up the “expeditionary force,” with which to oppose thirty-six divisions of German infantry supported by perhaps a dozen mechanized or cavalry divisions.

What was the size of the French army in 1939?

In 1939 the French Army had 900,000 regular soldiers. However, it another 5 million men who had been trained and could be called-up in time of war. After war was declared the vast majority of the army, 100 divisions, were stationed on the frontier facing Germany.

How big was the French Army in 1800?

Thereafter, the name Grande Armée was used for the principal French Army deployed in the campaigns of 1805 and 1807, where it earned its prestige, and in 1809, 1812, 1813–14, and 1815….Imperial Guard.

Year Number of soldiers
1800 3,000
1804 8,000
1805 12,000
1810 56,000

What was the first French division in World War 2?

1st Light Cavalry Division. Active as the 1st Cavalry Division at the start of the war and mobilized on 22 August 1939 in various towns in France with the first command post at Marle. Division became the 1st Light Division on 10 February 1940 and then the 1st Light Cavalry Division on 3 March. Campaigns: Battle of the Meuse and Battle of the North.

When did the French army disband in World War 2?

Division disbanded 19 July 1940. Infantry divisions in the French Army fell into three “series”—A, B and C. Series A included active units and higher-quality reserve units, respectively designated active and formation.

What was the strength of the French army in 1939?

Strength, organization, equipment and divisions of the French Army and aircraft of the l’Army de l’Air in September 1939. Only the observation tower is visible ! The Maginot Line was constructed from the Swiss border to Longwy from 1929 onward for 2.9 Billion Francs.

Where was the French Mountain Division in World War 2?

An active mountain infantry division at the start of the war and mobilized on 22 August 1939 in Toulon. Stationed in southeastern France and inactivated on 8 June 1940, with elements used to form the 2nd DLIC and other elements going to the 8th DIC and the XV Corps. Final command post at Mouans-Sartoux.