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How many aux sends does the Behringer x32 have?

How many aux sends does the Behringer x32 have?

The X32 RACK console features 16 analog rear-panel XLR inputs with microphone preamps, as well as 8 rear-panel XLR Outputs and 6 TRS Aux Sends and Returns.

What does Sends on Fader do?

Sends on faders allows you to quickly access all sends to a certain mix. When enabled all faders will show the level send to the selected bus instead of the LR mix.

What does post fader mean?

Pre or post-fader refers to signal sends (to an auxiliary or bus channel) either in your DAW or on a physical mixing console, more specifically where you send them from. An easy way to understand them is to imagine your signal flow in a linear format and where the channel fader lies.

Are X32 aux out balanced?

The documentation says that all 6 Aux Outs on the X32 rack are balanced TRS connections. If they really were balanced I would get sound on both ears, like I do when using the XLR Outs.

Does Behringer X32 have phantom power?

Connect a microphone to XLR input 1 on the X32 COMPACT’s rear panel. Press the 48V button to switch phantom power on for channel 1 (if the microphone requires it, such as a condenser microphone). Note – It is best practice to mute the respective channels prior to switching their phantom power supply on or off.

What is Behringer X32 edit?

The BEHRINGER X32-EDIT 3.2 is the latest editing software created specifically for the X32 console series. We recommend using the BEHRINGER X32-MIX application for wireless control from your Apple iPad or David Schumann’s XM32 MixingStation app for Android devices.

How does the send on faders work on Behringer X32?

Use each channel’s Bus Sends encoders to adjust its level sent to the respective mix bus. You can also use the X32’s Sends on faders feature to control the send level with channel faders. After assigning a sound source to an output you also have the option to select where (or rather when) the signal is sent from, called the tap point.

Where are the faders on the x32 edit?

The first six faders are the Aux inputs. Faders seven and eight are the 2 track recorder from the top mounted USB Drive. Then there are the four stereo FX Returns. The last four faders on this bank show the faders for the four effects sends. The next fader bank down shows the Mix Buses and Matrices.

Where are the fader bank buttons in X32?

Fader Bank selection buttons are located along the left bottom side of the X32 Edit interface. The first selection shows channels 1-32. The second selection, shown below, shows channel 1-16 as well as the eight DCA s, The next selection is channel 17-32 and all 8 DCA ‘s again.

How to config a S16 to a X32?

Press the Routing button and assign both AES50 A and B inputs to the X32 channels. On each S16, hold the CONFIG button and rotate each encoder to 1-8. The first S16’s outputs are AES50-A 1-8 and the second’s are AES50-B 1-8.