How many amps does a 3hp motor draw?

How many amps does a 3hp motor draw?


HP 1 Phase Amps 3 Phase Amps
115 volt 575 volt
2 24 2.7
3 34 3.9
5 56 6.1

How do you calculate full load amps on a 3 phase motor?

For three-phase, full load current for the resistive load is equal to the three-phase power divided by 1.732 times of voltage. Here power factor will be unity for resistive loads. Full load current I, I =P.

How many amps does a 3 HP 480 volt motor draw?

AC Motor Full Load Amperes

HP 200 Volts 440-480 Volts
2 7.8 3.4
3 11 4.8
5 17.5 7.6
7.5 25.3 11

How do you calculate 3 phase motor horsepower?

The quickest method to closely estimate motor horsepower is to use a digital clamp meter to measure current and voltage to the motor, and then perform a simple calculation. Use this formula to estimate motor horsepower. Horsepower(hp)= Voltage x Amperage x % EFF x power factor x 1.73/746.

How many amps does a 2.2 kW motor draw?

Single Phase Motors

0.75 kW 1 15
1.1 kW 1.5 21
1.5 kW 2 26
2.2 kW 3 37

How is motor current rating calculated?

“Now the formula,which you know, KWH = Line Current * Line Voltage * Power factor can be applied. The only unknown value ‘current’ can be calculated.” You must not use de time, as P= dW/dt, the correct is kW = Line Current * 1,73*Line Voltage * Power factor * efficiency.

What is the formula for electric current?

Current is usually denoted by the symbol I. Ohm’s law relates the current flowing through a conductor to the voltage V and resistance R; that is, V = IR. An alternative statement of Ohm’s law is I = V/R.