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How long did they shoot Reply 1988?

How long did they shoot Reply 1988?

It aired every Friday and Saturday from November 6, 2015, to January 16, 2016, on tvN for 20 episodes. Reply 1988 is the third installment of tvN’s Reply series….

Reply 1988
Original language Korean
No. of episodes 20 + special
Running time 90–110 minutes

How old was Reply 1997 1994 and 1988?

Watching Reply 1997, 1994, and 1988 is an experience like no other! It brings a healthy dose of realism to each scene and shows us the beauty of simple everyday interactions. Even if you were nowhere near 18 years old in 1997, you will feel an instant connection to the characters and time.

Who are the cast members of Reply 1997?

It also starred Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa, but as different characters. Younger cast members Jung Eun-ji, Seo In-guk, Hoya, Lee Si-eon, Shin So-yul, Eun Ji-won, and Lee Jooyeon reprised their Reply 1997 roles in cameo appearances. A second spin-off, Reply 1988, aired in 2015. Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa again joined the cast.

Why was Reply 1997 so popular in Korea?

With Korean cable shows generally considered successful if they hit 1%, Reply 1997 took cable ratings by storm, and received an immense amount of attention and critical praise. The show has been credited for its laser-sharp attention to detail, re-creating the late ’90s with an accuracy that has fans singing its praises.

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