How long did the Washington Il tornado last?

How long did the Washington Il tornado last?

The track length in LaSalle and Livingston Counties was 11.7 miles, with the peak intensity in these two counties as EF-2. The total tornado path on the ground was 46.2 miles….Washington Tornado (Tazewell/Woodford Counties) of 11/17/2013.

Rating: EF-4
Lifted: 11:47 am CST 2 miles east of Long Point (Livingston County)

Can a tornado happen in June?

Tornadoes can form at any time of year, but most occur in the spring and summer months along with thunderstorms. May and June are usually the peak months for tornadoes.

When was the last time Aurora IL had a tornado?

Historical Tornado Events

Distance (miles) Date Length
19.1 1976-06-13
19.2 1991-03-27 9.20 Miles
22.3 1965-11-12 24.50 Miles
22.6 1976-03-12

Has a tornado hit Bloomington IL?

Tornadoes alone were responsible for $1.067 billion in damage, with the EF4 tornado that struck Washington, Illinois accounting for $935 million of the total….Tornado outbreak of November 17, 2013.

Storms associated with the outbreak over the Midwest United States on November 17
Largest hail 4.00 in (10.2 cm) in diameter in Bloomington, Illinois

What state has the most tornadoes in June?

54% of these tornadoes took place between the months of April and June. The two states that have the highest average number of tornadoes each year are Texas and Kansas.

Where was the tornado outbreak in Illinois in 2013?

Many tornadoes were reported, especially across Illinois and Indiana, and wind damage occurred from the Mississippi River eastward as far as New Jersey and New York City. In central Illinois, survey teams evaluated 10 tornado tracks. Survey assistance was provided by the NWS offices in Chicago and St. Louis.

Where was the strongest tornado in Illinois in November?

A neighborhood in Washington destroyed by the EF4 tornado. Tracking 46.36 mi (74.61 km) across four counties in Illinois, the EF4 tornado that caused major damage in Washington, Illinois was the strongest tornado documented in the state for the month of November since reliable records began in 1950.

Where was the most recent tornado outbreak in the US?

The tornado outbreak of November 17, 2013, was the deadliest and costliest in the U.S. state of Illinois to occur in the month of November and fourth largest for the state overall. With more than 30 tornadoes in Indiana, it was that state’s largest tornado outbreak for the month of November, and the second largest outbreak recorded in Indiana.

When did the tornado start on November 17?

The development and progression of a severe weather event on November 17 had been well anticipated, and appeared in Storm Prediction Center products as early as November 12. The first storms associated with the event formed during the afternoon and evening hours of November 16 over the Great Plains, producing primarily hail and strong winds.