How GMAT scores are calculated?

How GMAT scores are calculated?

Your official GMAT score consists of five parts: Total Scaled Score (on a scale from 200 to 800) Verbal Scaled Score (on a scale from 0 to 60) Quantitative Scaled Score (on a scale from 0 to 60)

What is the maximum score in GMAT?


What is the hardest section of the GMAT?

When asked about the most difficult GMAT questions, however, the majority of business school applicants who sit down to take the exam point to the Data Sufficiency and Critical Reasoning sections.

Is 550 GMAT score hard?

650, then, is a good starting benchmark for a high GMAT score: it usually hovers around the 75% percentile ranking spot, which is a solid place to be relative to your fellow applicants. A low GMAT score, on the other hand, is anything under 550.

Which coaching is best for GMAT?

GMAT secure is a rigorous program and offers 80 hours of classroom coaching. With complimentary admission counselling session, they help all the students with their post GMAT planning. They have three centers in Delhi. Jamboree – The GMAT Classroom Training course offered by Jamboree is for 66 hours.