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How does the webbing work on a Pals connection?

How does the webbing work on a Pals connection?

The webbing layout starts similar to a traditional MOLLE Snap, yet at the bottom has a webbing strip that is hook on the interior and loop on the exterior rather than snaps. Once woven, the loop covered webbing tab is tucked under for decent constant pressure.

Is there such a thing as MOLLE webbing?

Given this info, it’s technically incorrect to say gear has MOLLE webbing, because it would actually have PALS webbing and would thus be MOLLE-compatible . There’s no such thing as “MOLLE webbing”, but most people will know what you mean if you say this—the type of webbing found on MOLLE gear.

Can you melt webbing to make it fit?

When cutting the webbing you need to use a flame to melt the ends to keep it from fraying but it only needs to be melted very lightly. If you melt it too much it will cause big lumps which are difficult to sew. I did a test fit of my Leatherman sheath and it fit perfectly so I moved on to modifying my backpack.

How does the Paraclete Pals connection system work?

There isn’t actually any snapping going on, but Paraclete made their own easy yet secure connection system. Instead of snaps, pockets are used to insert stiffened webbing in. This sounds pretty unsecure, but once all woven up on your kit, it works quite well.

Where are the male and female connections on Pals?

Thus the male connection is on the main webbing strip and female connection is on the short webbing strip. This can be an assistant in removing the snaps and aid in security since will snag on the PALS during a snap break.

What are the pros and cons of Pals connection?

The TacTie is a pretty simple no thrills solution. Just webbing and a plastic tri-glide. The end is folded for security snagging, however cut at an angle to make weaving easier. Pros are that they are affordable, easy to weave, and very resistant to elements.