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How do you use otherwise in a sentence?

How do you use otherwise in a sentence?

(sentence adverb) You use otherwise to connect two clauses where the second clause shows what would have happened if the first clause hadn’t happened. I missed the bus. Otherwise, I would have been here earlier. If you think or say otherwise, you don’t agree.

What is a sentence for command?

Examples of command in a Sentence Verb She commanded us to leave. Military leaders commanded the troops to open fire. She commanded that work on the bridge cease immediately. We had no choice but to do as they commanded.

Can otherwise start a sentence?

Generally, avoid starting a sentence with “otherwise.” That naturally means you have to start first with something about the situation, and then follow through with ‘otherwise’ to show any of those 4 senses.

How do you end a sentence with otherwise?

In the above examples, otherwise could also be used at the end of the sentence, e.g. ‘He wouldn’t have passed his test otherwise’. When used to mean in a different or opposite way from what has been mentioned, otherwise is used in final position: ‘I intend to remain here until someone tells me otherwise’.

Are commands complete sentences?

Provided they’re grammatical imperatives, yes, they’re complete sentences. Imperatives and Interrogatives are different kinds of sentences, but not incomplete. They have their own grammar, is all.

Is otherwise followed by a comma?

Use a comma to set off most conjunctive adverbs (however, otherwise, therefore, similarly, hence, on the other hand, and consequently). But do not use a comma after the conjunctive adverbs then, thus, soon, now, and also. In the following examples, a semicolon is used to separate two independent clauses.

Can I start sentence with otherwise?

Do we use comma with otherwise?

Use a comma to set off most conjunctive adverbs (however, otherwise, therefore, similarly, hence, on the other hand, and consequently).

Are commands fragments?

As you’re identifying fragments, keep in mind that command sentences are not fragments, despite not having a subject. Commands are the only grammatically correct sentences that lack a subject: Drop and give me fifty!

Do Commands end with a period?

Periods end sentences that are not questions or exclamations, such as statements, commands, and requests.

How do you use the word thus in a sentence?

use thus in a sentence, make example sentences of the word is filled with gas, Our galaxy is filled with gas and dust that makes distant stars look fainter and thus appear farther away than they really areThe dispute was resolved in about three days, thus avoiding a strike.

How to use in other words in a sentence?

In other words : he aspires to be our fallback position.

  • bronze is a clear winner this season.
  • there seems to be a trend here.
  • Frank is making a virtue of necessity.
  • no separate tower comes with the computer.
  • she will be subjected to regular testing.
  • Wheatley should not play in passing situations.
  • he made a commitment to do so.
  • you just want to smack the guy.
  • it was some day at the beach.
  • How to use “thus” in a sentence?

    Tomas did not come to terms with Jelly under any circumstances.

  • The hardest thing was to stay separate from his beloved friend.
  • thus you will never learn to do it yourself and be successful.
  • How to use “whether” in a sentence?

    Whether in a sentence He wots not whether he bears the earth, or the earth him. Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism. I sometimes wonder whether the greater rule of all is — to know how to please. A thief is a thief, whether he steals a diamond or a cucumber. The moon is a moon whether it shines or not.